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Don’t waste precious internal resources building custom SharePoint solutions. Let our cloud-based platforms deliver the benefits of rapid deployment, frequent upgrades, easy scalability, an amazing user experience out-of-the-box and lower total cost of ownership.

Rapid deployment

HighQ’s cloud-based platforms can be deployed almost immediately with no development effort or hosting environments required. You can have market-leading technology in place and start delivering solutions to your business straight away.




Frequent upgrades

HighQ is continually investing in its software platforms and delivers regular new feature releases as well as frequent maintenance updates. You can relax knowing that your solution is evolving and keeping up with the cutting edge, without you having to lift a finger.



Multiple integrated solutions

HighQ’s platforms offer everything you need in one stack. Our solutions are used for client extranets, secure file sharing and syncing, team collaboration, project and transaction management, intranets, knowledge sharing, content marketing and more. You get everything you need in one integrated solution stack.

Internal and external users

HighQ’s solutions work seamlessly with internal and external users. So if you need to work on a project with consultants, advisors, suppliers or partners outside of your organisation, it’s as simple as working with your colleague one desk over.



Amazing user experience

HighQ’s products are designed with an amazing, mobile optimised, consumer-grade user experience out-of-the-box. They can be custom branded to match your corporate style and there is no need to embark on a big redesign project just to make them usable.


Lower total cost of ownership

With no upfront capital expenditure, in-house development teams, design agencies, scope creep or spiralling budgets, HighQ’s cloud-based solutions offer one simple annual subscription based on your usage, with no support or maintenance headaches. Life is simpler in the cloud.

You can replace SharePoint using:

HighQ Collaborate    HighQ Publisher