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Maximise the potential of your knowledge and expertise by productising it to create digital added-value services for your clients and prospects.

Productise your knowledge

Turn static reference materials into dynamic, regularly updated content for existing and prospective clients. Put your knowledge to work, by creating useful and usable subscription products as new sources of revenue for your firm.



Build innovative toolkits

Combine solutions built in multiple tools and platforms into a single branded product with the look and feel of your firm.  Give your clients one place to access all of your online tools and resources.


Create client-friendly alert services

Stop cluttering your client’s mailbox with materials of marginal interest to them.  Instead allow them to subscribe to alerts on specific topics or related to a particular practice or industry sector, in only the jurisdictions they find relevant, and to receive updates daily, weekly, or monthly.

Using HighQ Publisher, financial services trade body FIA created a brand new premium service for its members, and thus a new revenue stream.

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Showcase depth and breadth of your knowledge

Build cross-jurisdictional comparison tools to provide your multi-jurisdictional clients with customised reports accessed via interactive maps and menus.

Recycle, reuse, and revive

Breath life into older, static, but still relevant ‘marketing’ content originally delivered via email, pdf, or the web. Deliver that knowledge in a new modern interface with interactive and responsive elements and drive new business to your experts.

Made for mobile

Built from the ground-up to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, our touch-friendly, responsive design will automatically optimise itself based on the screen size of the device you are using, so you can engage with your clients no matter what their device or location.

Made for mobile

Productise your knowledge and create added-value services using:

HighQ Publisher