Fundraising and investor relations

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Collaborate with deal teams and investors in one unified space, and create an environment that helps drive performance, where capital is deployed efficiently and delivers strong, consistent returns.

Focus on finding winners

Invite investors and regulators to view reports in a fully permissionable reporting platform. Built-in approval steps ensure the accuracy of centrally stored fund data which is then inserted instantly into a fully branded report using our document automation tool.



Launch new funds and win new mandates

Launch new funds and win new mandates

Securely share confidential documents, automate the KYC process and simplify on boarding to ensure a positive fundraising experience for all. Audit tools let you see who is most interested so that you can accelerate the process and close out successfully.

Investment portfolios

Drive forward the investments

With billions of pounds at stake, sourcing and creating the best deals is essential to maximising profits. Using permissions and our customised workflow tools, invite prospective companies to complete their information in their time.

The investor relations data sheet

See how HighQ’s solutions help the investor relations process from origination to deal execution, from fundraising to investor reporting and portfolio management.

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Strength of the team

The strength of the team

Quickly share market breaking and insightful information that is crucial to the success of existing investments and the fund’s strategy. Unite within a central ecosystem and engage on the progress of investments, fund performance and capital raising.

Due diligence and deal execution

Securely exchange deal-critical documents in a high performance data room. Streamline due diligence by using dynamic review checklists and access full data room management tools including Q&A. Set up secure sites for each investment and control access to data with granular user permissions, restricted IP access and DRM.

Due diligence and deal execution

Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade security

HighQ is ISO 27001 certified and our products are independently audited and tested. We are trusted by many of the world’s leading law firms, financial institutions and corporations to securely exchange sensitive information on business-critical, time-senstive transactions.

Secure and simplify investor relations using:

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