Document management

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Powerful document management features integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system, with granular permissioning, versioning, approval workflow, custom metadata and much more.

Easily upload and share documents

Documents can be uploaded in seconds and shared instantly while maintaining full access control and auditing. Quickly add files via drag and drop, email, bulk import, or by attaching to a wiki page, microblog, task or any other piece of content.



Powerful and easy to use

The powerful document management features allow you to have granular control over your files, folder structure, access rights and configuration settings but the system doesn’t get in your way; it’s easy to use and administer with an intuitive user interface so you can securely share files and manage your documents with ease.


Enterprise-grade features

Our enterprise-grade document management features allow for full version control, file check-out, approval workflow, full-text search, auto-numbering, drag and drop uploads, bulk download, email integration, automatic PDF conversion and much more.

Advanced permissions

Advanced permissions

Control file permissions at a granular level and manage access to sites, folders and individual files for users and groups. Sensitive documents can be protected with digital rights management, document watermarking and disable saving, printing and copying.

Steptoe and Johnson uses HighQ’s document management solutions to reduce the burden on IT and increase security.

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Lock down sensitive files

Users can apply digital rights management and link expiry to shared files, to restrict saving or printing of the file and prevent unwanted data leakage. You can limit access to registered users only, restrict download and printing rights, apply automatic link expiry and manually revoke links to each shared file.


Made for mobile icon

Made for mobile

Built from the ground-up to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, our touch-friendly, responsive design will automatically optimise itself based on the screen size of the device you are using, so you can access files, information and collaborate from any device or location.


You can manage your documents using:

HighQ Collaborate