Contract management

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Create and manage all of your contracts in one place, storing them and capturing all the relevant information within the document in the form of metadata that is filterable with one click.

Auto-create contracts

Create an array of fully-branded pre-approved contracts including NDAs, licence agreements, employment agreements and more. Save hours of drafting time, avoid language errors, and increase efficiency by getting contracts out to the relevant parties quicker.


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Advanced metadata

Add snapshot metadata to each contract as it is uploaded to the platform. Capture key elements of each contract which will be used to filter and search contracts without having to perform word searches or open individual documents.

Simplify your working life with document automation

Watch the webinar to see how document automation works and how it can help you create and manage contracts with ease.

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Easily manage information

All metadata gathered from the questionnaires is stored in an iSheets database. Access this valuable management information using a robust search tool and advanced filters to find and interrogate deal specifics, precedents and other pertinent records stored in the database.

Manage information

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Made for mobile

Built from the ground-up to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, our touch-friendly, responsive design will automatically optimise itself based on the screen size of the device you are using, so you can access files, information and collaborate from any device or location.

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