Communities of practice

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Allow people with a common interest to come together and share insight, best practice and experience – facilitate powerful knowledge sharing within your organisation, profession or industry and enable participants to learn and develop.

Connect people

Our solutions allow communities to be created around any group of people or area of interest with a mixture of internal and external users. This facilitates the creation of communities inside your organisation and externally with clients and partners so you can connect people together regardless of their location or organisation.

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Share insight

Share insight, experience and expertise with the community using blog posts. Use comments for discussions with your community peers and leverage tags and categories to browse posts by topic.

Capture knowledge

Quickly capture and share knowledge in wiki pages with full versioning, attachments, powerful linking, advanced permissions and easy rich-text editing.


Discover expertise

Personal profiles allow community members to discover subject experts, follow their recent activity, explore their tag clouds and see their contact details.

Store documents and files

Easily share documents with full version control, add custom document metadata, bulk upload entire folder structures or email documents directly into a folder.


Advanced permissions

Stay up-to-date

Subscribe to feeds of recent activity based on your filters and set your preferences for email alerts and notifications when content is updated.

Build vibrant communities using:

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