• Stuart Barr - HighQ

    Stuart is an enterprise social computing expert and technologist with over 15 years experience in web strategy, development, management, consulting and a unique background in the legal, professional services and social computing industries. He currently works as CSO at HighQ where he leads product strategy.

  • Charlie Rutherford - HighQ

    Prior to joining HighQ, Charlie worked in the legal sector as a business analyst for over 13 years at a number of major law firms. She has extensive experience delivering solutions to legal teams from productivity improvement through to new methods of delivering legal services to clients. Charlie joined HighQ recognising the potential of Collaborate to deliver business solutions to both professional organisations and their corporate clients.

  • Deepan Hari - RAVN

    Deepan has a vast understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, and Unstructured Data. He has extensive experience working with high-profile clients, across a range of verticals, to provide insight, build and deliver next-generation solutions to help leverage knowledge, streamline processes and introduce automation. Prior to joining RAVN, Deepan held key sales roles at Autonomy and HP, and has a MEng from University College London.

Due diligence is an essential process for mitigating risk and structuring transactions but there can be several disadvantages:

  • Laborious manual process
  • Costly and inefficient
  • Process can be prone to human error or misinterpretation
  • In order to meet tight deadlines organisations have to pay overtime/hire temporary staff

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how HighQ Collaborate and RAVN ACE technology can dramatically improve transactional efficiency in the due diligence process.

Running time: 1 hour