In this webinar, Ryan McClead, from HighQ, and Greg Wildisen, from Neota Logic, show how three off-the-shelf platforms can be combined with minimal development to automate a process that previously could only be performed by trained lawyers.

See how the following three systems working in tandem can create a robot lawyer:

  • RAVN, as the machine learning data extraction tool
  • Neota Logic, as the intelligent decisioning and reasoning system
  • HighQ, as the collaboration and presentation platform

Find out more about Neota Logic here.

Download the webinar slides here.


  • Ryan McClead

    Ryan is the business transformation and innovation architect at HighQ. He is a 2015 FastCase 50 recipient - honoring 50 "entrepreneurs, innovators, and trailblazers... who have charted a new course for the delivery of legal services" - and he is a regular contributor to the popular 3 Geeks and a Law Blog.

  • Greg Wildisen

    Greg Wildisen is International Managing Director at Neota Logic. He is an entrepreneur who has built several legal technology businesses. He has an extensive background in legal and support services, with degrees in both law and business. He is focused on providing vision and leadership to ensure client satisfaction and staff motivation.