Hanneke Schobbers-Lamers, knowledge manager at Boels Zanders, outlines how HighQ Collaborate has helped the law firm improve operations and collaboration both for their clients and employees. With offices in Maastricht, Venlo and Eindhoven, and more than 70 attorneys, Boels Zanders offers wide ranging services on a national and international level. Clients value Boels Zanders for its service, open communication, vision, reliability, its approach to solve critical problems, and its sector knowledge.

The challenge: Selecting the right provider

Back in 2013, Boels Zanders wasn’t set up on any collaboration platforms. When a client requested it, this development gained momentum, and Boels Zanders started to explore the possibilities for such a system.
Hanneke Schobbers-Lamers, knowledge manager at Boels Zanders, described how the discussion of a collaboration platform first came about: “We first started looking at collaboration platforms due to a client who had specific needs. However it became quite clear that in the future, the demands would increase for a platform such as this. So we wanted to select a system as broad as possible. We looked at three potential collaboration providers.”
Hanneke would first come to hear about HighQ during a meeting with other law firms in the Netherlands. “When I came back to the office the next day, I discussed the possibilities of HighQ with our IT manager. It turned out he already knew about their products. We decided to invite HighQ for a demonstration, so we could see if the system would offer what we were looking

The solution: Implementing a collaboration platform that had the most to offer

In the first quarter of 2014, Boels Zanders selected HighQ Collaborate. Hanneke explained the decision to choose HighQ over other collaboration providers: “We spent a long time researching and comparing providers, and from the three possible systems, HighQ had by far the most to offer. It was easily manageable, with a high level of security, and because it’s technically standard, you could easily switch on and off modules you wanted to use. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, we were ready. That was important for us. It was very easy to manage.”
In the past, Boels Zanders had managed projects themselves, but had come up against a number of challenges. “We learned that when you try to build something yourself, you have many challenges thrown at you. You’re going to make additional choices in the process, which sometimes leads to a result that’s different and more complicated than what you intended to create. But with HighQ Collaborate, they clearly show you what the product is and how you can use it. That’s what we wanted. We wanted something easy, but in a positive way.”
Implementing HighQ Collaborate with the Dutch law firm was achieved with ease, thanks in part to HighQ staff managing the move. As Hanneke mentions, HighQ had done their research: “They knew our organisation and our IT, and that’s why the product was so easily implemented. The implementation went really smoothly. And now whenever I have questions about the product, when I call, help is always there, in a quick and helpful manner.”

The result: Collaboration, both internally and externally

Since implementing HighQ Collaborate, Boels Zanders has found success both internally and externally. “Our employees and clients are very positive about HighQ Collaborate,” said Hanneke. “Everyone within the company is very enthusiastic about the system, and because it works very easily, they can make clients happy. We can provide something to clients that has added value. For the clients, it’s very easy and saves time in the communication in a very positive way.”
HighQ Collaborate has helped Boels Zanders aid clients through an individual approach, along with improving relationships: “Working with HighQ Collaborate provides us with many opportunities to serve our clients. It’s flexible so that we can use the different modules for each client separately, and we can configure it exactly according to the wishes of the individual client,” continues Hanneke. “That’s something that both the clients and our employees find very pleasant. And we are still learning about new possibilities every day. The system is very accessible, and the lawyers in our firm are able to build the relationship with their clients thanks to the platform. It’s something that has added value to the relationship with the clients.”
Hanneke discusses how HighQ has also assisted Boels Zanders with its mergers and acquisitions practise: “We use the Q&A feature a lot in the M&A practise, and it works perfectly for that. And it’s very good for transactions, where we would normally not have chosen to open external datarooms, because of the limited size of the transaction. But because we can now provide the service ourselves, it’s a benefit for the client and is very efficient for everyone involved in the transaction.”

In conclusion: Improving collaboration and eliminating worries

Overall, Hanneke has witnessed many positive benefits from the implementation of HighQ Collaborate with Boels Zanders. “The overall difference that HighQ Collaborate has provided is a system where we can offer a client a service that is custom made, in a system that is a standard solution, along with having extensive security, which we don’t have to worry about. We also never have to worry about being up to date, as the system updates itself regularly. It’s a very good system for us.”
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With offices in Maastricht, Venlo and Eindhoven and more than 70 attorneys, Boels Zanders offers wide ranging services on a national and international level. Boels Zanders not only provides legal guidance suitable for a commercial environment, it also builds strong and long lasting relationships with its clients as a result of which their needs and requirements are easily understood and met and the advice given is pragmatic and to the point.