Collaborate 4

Collaborate 4 is our biggest release to date and it’s packed with new features and improvements that we know you are going to love! It has been completely redesigned and reengineered to deliver a dramatically improved user experience and supercharged performance.

Watch our analyst interview (4 mins)

Watch our short video to hear first hand what our clients have to say about the new Collaborate 4 features.

Enhanced mobile experience

We have taken our mobile responsive design to the next level so you can stay productive on the move. With improved activity streams, file previews, searching, filtering, user profiles, commenting, adding files, thumbnail views, navigation and much more, to deliver an amazing mobile experience.



Multilingual user interface 

Collaborate 4 is now capable of supporting multiple languages, so users can set their individual preferences and the user interface will be displayed in their preferred language. Admins also have the ability to set the system default language to enable a great user experience out of the box. Support for additional languages will be added in upcoming releases.


Improved file handling with drag and drop

We have dramatically improved file handling with comprehensive support for multiple file selection, drag and drop and bulk metadata editing. Files now upload in the background allowing you to navigate within the Files module and continue being productive. Additionally, you can now drag and drop attachments directly onto wiki pages, blog posts, events or tasks and the new thumbnail view provides previews of attached files and images.

Improved activity streams

We have enhanced the activity streams throughout the platform to make them even more informative and useful. External links shared in posts now have a rich preview which enables users to quickly see a snippet of content without leaving the stream. Dynamic content is displayed inline such as interactive maps and videos that play within the stream. Filtering is now more powerful and content such as files, tasks and calendar items now have tailored metadata so you can quickly see important summary information such as the full folder path for a file, due dates and assignees for tasks or the date, time and location of an event.



New full-screen file previews with annotations

Our file previews have been significantly improved with a new viewer that is now much faster, higher fidelity and doesn’t require any plugins. The new full-screen viewer allows you to quickly preview files from anywhere in the system, retaining your context and keeping you productive. You can easily move to the next or previous file and we now display all file metadata, comments and tasks in a new info panel. Additionally, users can now mark-up and add shared annotations to files within the viewer.

Major user experience improvements to iSheets

The experience in the iSheets module has been dramatically improved to enhance efficiency and productivity. With better use of space and a new full-screen mode so you can see more records on-screen simultaneously. Records now open up in modal windows so you can simply edit, save and move onto the next record to speed up bulk updates. The data import process now flags any errors and highlight warnings inline. When viewing or editing records, you can quickly jump to and expand or collapse sections for easy navigation within large forms. Lookup columns are more powerful and easier to use and you can now bulk delete or selectively export data.



Improved search and filters

Search has been significantly improved across the system and specifically within the Files module. Results now auto-suggest as you type and users can make use of the advanced faceted filters to narrow results by site, content type, file type, modified date, author, tags and more. Improved filtering across the system means you can now select multiple fields to filter content lists and views. New options in the Tasks module allow you to quickly filter tasks assigned to you or created by you. You can now save your activity stream filters on the Dashboard, so they are applied automatically every time you load the page.

Full screen mode in Files, Tasks and iSheets

A new full screen mode gives users an enhanced experience and makes maximum use of available screen space in the Files, Tasks and iSheets modules. In Files this is useful for large folder structures and custom file metadata scenarios and in iSheets for displaying large data sets with many columns. It is also a great way to display the new file thumbnail view so you can visually explore the contents of a folder.



Quick and easy in-line editing in Wikis and Tasks

The new in-line editing capability allows users to quickly and easily edit wiki pages and task details without having to enter into a full edit mode, enabling users to be more efficient and productive. We have also improved version comparisons in the wiki to now include page titles, tags and attachments.

Enhanced experience in Blogs and Tasks

We have enhanced the blog module so you can now add beautiful header images so posts are now more visually appealing and engaging. Users can also now schedule blog posts to be published at a future date and admins can edit author details and change published dates. Personal and project tasks are now clearly separated and more easily accessible. Tasks have been colour coded for overdue, in progress, not started and completed statuses and improved filters with quick tabs for tasks assigned to you, created by you or your favourites are available.


Improved user profiles and mini-cards

We have improved the overall design for user profiles with enhanced biography, skills, experience and details of which sites the user is a member of. We have created new mini-cards for user profiles so when you click on someone’s name anywhere in the application you now see a preview of their key information and contacts details so you longer need to navigate away to the full profile page.