Collaborate 4.1

Our latest HighQ Collaborate release focuses on new features to help you speed up your digital transaction processes and manage projects more efficiently.

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Centralised project management with visual task boards

We have added “Kanban” visual task boards to our tasks module for a more agile, visually appealing project management experience. Quickly track project progress and instantly identify any bottlenecks. Improve workflows, track teams progress and promote team collaboration to successfully deliver projects. Simply add tasks, set due dates and reminders and assign them to users. Tasks can be assigned to clients which promotes client engagement as they can simply log in to see progress and action any tasks assigned to them. Categorise tasks under specific lists for a more advanced overview. Simply drag and drop tasks from one column to the next to move them into the next project stage until the task is completed.

HighQ Task Board on iPad Pro


e-Signature integration to speed up digital transactions  

Securely sign documents online through HighQ Collaborate’s integration with DocuSign, Adobe Sign or any e-Signature solution through our API. Send files directly from HighQ to anyone inside or outside your organisation for signature. Complete transactions and gain approvals in hours not days from anywhere, on any device. Securely access, sign and return documents at the click of a button. Track signing status, send reminders and access the full document versioning and audit trail at any time. Optimise, digitise and automate transactions and processes and move one step closer to digital transformation.

iSheet improvements

We have made further improvements to the iSheets module to enhance efficiency and productivity. iSheets are now automatically saved at regular intervals so you never have to worry about losing work. We have added the option to “save as draft” so you can work on creating large iSheets over a few days before publishing. A full audit history is now available so you can quickly and easily view who has created or edited an iSheet, compare versions and revert back to a previous version if required. We have also added the ability to lock an iSheet record when it is being edited so only one user can edit a record at a time as well as the option to display the description as an inline field or a new “Slide-in” field.

iSheets improvement