Collaborate 4.2

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Our latest HighQ Collaborate release offers improved user experience, streamlined document review processes and enhanced project management capabilities.

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Improved document review - HighQ Collaborate 4.2

Improved document review process

Our new and improved viewer streamlines the document review process by allowing users to edit custom metadata and easily add annotations when reviewing documents in the Files module.

The metadata fields will display in the right hand column alongside the document preview so you can review the document and fill out the metadata, add notes, comments and feedback in one interface. User permissions are respected so users can only see the metadata fields they have access to and are only able to edit the fields if they have the permission to do so.

Advanced document automation options

We have added several advanced options to our document automation feature that add more flexibility when generating documents. When configuring a document template, admins can now choose whether documents are generated in Word or PDF format and whether they are automatically saved to a pre-defined folder in the Files module or attached to a selected iSheet column.

Admins can also give end users the ability to download or save the document to a folder themselves. These new capabilities streamline the document generation process and automate several steps in common document assembly workflows.

Improved wiki editor in HighQ Collaborate 4.2

Enhanced page editing capabilities

There are multiple enhancements to the page editing interface to make it even easier to use. Images can now be dragged and dropped directly into the body of the editor in the Home, Wiki and Blog modules, saving time and effort. Table or column widths can now be changed simply by clicking on a cell divider and dragging it to change the width of the column or table itself.

There is also a new media embed tool that allows you to simply paste a URL to insert an embedded video or other rich media into the page and, for more technical users, there is a new code snippet tool to properly colour code and indent HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other code inserted into the page.

New calendar view for tasks

Tasks with due dates can now be viewed in their own category in the Events module and displayed in the calendar and list views. This allows project managers and team members to see project milestones, deadlines, events and tasks in one unified calendar to give full visibility into the entire team’s workload and schedule.

HighQ Collaborate 4.2 - calendar and tasks integration