HighQ is trusted by many of the world’s largest law firms, financial institutions, corporations and governments to securely exchange highly sensitive information both inside and outside of the organisation.

The cloud.
But not as you know it.

HighQ provides enterprise-grade cloud computing with a single-tenancy hosting model in our own private cloud. We deploy a dedicated instance of the entire application, with its own database, for each of our clients. We also provide hybrid storage and encryption key management options for more advanced security and control. You have control over how your instance is setup, when it’s upgraded and what it looks like. It’s your application, we just host it.



Hybrid storage

Choose where you want to store your files for each individual workspace. Choose from any HighQ data centre globally or use our storage Appliance to store them on-premise. This offers incredible flexibility and control, enabling you to store files within a particular jurisdiction or on-premise within your own network.

Encryption key management

Now you can manage your own encryption keys for each workspace and store them wherever you want, so your keys are never permanently held in the cloud or managed by HighQ. Withdraw the application’s access to the keys at any time and it will no longer be able to decrypt any of the files stored in the cloud, giving you full control.



Two-factor authentication

There are now more granular options for enabling two-factor authentication. You can enable it at system level and now also for individual organisations and workspaces, providing you with additional administrative control and flexibility.


We provide a dedicated instance of the application for each of our customers, so it’s secure and you get to choose how it’s setup, when it’s upgraded and how it’s configured.

Private cloud

We host our solutions in our private cloud in Tier 4, SSAE 16 Type II data centres around the world with our own hardware dedicated to our customers. Your data never leaves our cloud.

Data sovereignty

We have data centres in the UK, US, Germany, UAE, Australia and Offshore with the highest levels of security so you can choose where to store your data for complete control.

Encryption key management

Manage & store the encryption keys for files on-premise. Now you can keep control of your data and take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

Hybrid storage

Choose where to store your files for each workspace. Select any data centre globally or use our appliance to keep them on-premise.

ISO 27001 certified

HighQ is ISO 27001 certified and our data centres are SSAE 16 Type II certified to ensure controls and processes are in place to protect your data.

Independently audited

Our products are penetration tested by global information assurance specialists and audited by some of the world’s leading law firms and banks.

Resilience and redundancy

High-availability server configurations, redundant network connections, power supplies and infrastructure to ensure minimum disruption.

Maintenance and upgrades

We maintain and upgrade our applications as part of the fully-managed service and regularly release new features based on customer feedback.

Application security

Our applications include advanced options to control access to content and all server communications use up to 256-bit encryption.

Disaster recovery

Data is replicated in near real-time to a physically separated secondary data centre for disaster recovery and full geographic redundancy.


All of our hosted data is backed up to multiple secure locations to ensure the integrity of our customers data on a regular, scheduled basis.

Physical security

Data centres equipped with the latest security technology, including 24/7/365 video, proximity card readers and biometric scanners.

Network security

Firewall rules, virus scanning and intrusion detection systems are continually protecting the network and preventing unauthorised access.

Technical support

We provide 24/7 technical support for our hosted solutions, meaning we are always on hand to solve technical problems should they arise.