Improve team work and capture valuable knowledge by empowering your teams to work collaboratively to create, share and discuss documentation, meeting notes, minutes, specifications and ideas directly in the browser.

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Capture valuable knowledge

Consolidate your company’s collective intelligence by capturing and sharing valuable knowledge into one place that’s easily accessible and discoverable when it’s needed most. Information captured in wikis can easily be used and updated by anyone with access, so it’s much more likely to be kept up to date.



Boost team effectiveness

Reduce inbox overload and reliance on file shares or network drives by providing a central place for teams to collaborate together and create content quickly directly in their browsers using our advanced content editor and social collaboration features.

Rich content editing

Create and edit pages using the easy-to-use editor to produce richly formatted content with advanced linking, attachments, tables, images and more.

Auto-save as you work

The system saves your changes in the background as you work. So if you lose your connection or navigate away from the page, you can pick up where you left off.

Permission your pages

Use our flexible permissions to control who can view or edit an entire wiki or individual pages within it. Permissions inherit down through the page hierarchy.


Users can categorise and explore content using tags for flexible classification of content. Auto-complete as you type helps avoid tag duplication or misspelling.

Dynamic content lists

Add dynamic content lists into pages such as RSS feeds, recently updated pages, uploaded files, tasks due this week, or upcoming events.

File attachments

Wikis are fully integrated with the Files module so you can attach files from the central repository or upload new ones directly and attach them to your page.

Content approval workflow

Configure your sites and modules independently to use approval workflow and take control of the publishing process so only approved content gets published.

Structure your pages

Keep your wikis organised and structured with page linking, dynamic lists and the ability to move pages into a hierarchy and sort with drag and drop.

Track changes and versions

Every edit in the wiki is fully versioned so you can easily compare any two versions to see what’s changed or restore a previous version whenever needed.

Easy page linking

Easily insert links to other pages or content in other modules across the application. Quickly search for existing content to link to or add external links.

Comments and liking

Gather feedback and encourage conversations using comments to allow people to have discussions with links, attachments, @mentions and likes.

Full-screen editing mode

Maximise screen real estate by switching the editor to full-screen mode to use all of the available space in your browser and remove unwanted distractions.

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