Keep yourself organised and boost your team’s efficiency with tasks. Get a quick overview of the progress of projects, assign tasks to others, add due dates, statuses, priorities, links, comments and reminders.

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Boost team efficiency

Move your task management out of your inbox and into a team site so everyone knows where to find the information they need and can access it from anywhere. Easily create, assign and comment on tasks in a place where the whole team can stay connected and up-to-date with project progress.



Organise your projects

Create workspaces based around tasks to bring all of your project’s assets together into one place. Easily attach files, link to wiki pages and add comments. Group tasks together into lists and set permissions for which groups of users can see and update those lists.


Get a bird’s eye view

Project managers can see everything, including overdue tasks, priorities and statuses. Team members can see their tasks in the context of the whole project and alongside their teammates’. Anyone can apply filters to focus on a subset of tasks assigned to them, in a specific list, due on a set date or with a certain priority or status.

Manage multiple lists

Organise your projects by breaking tasks down into more manageable lists for project phases, teams, types of work etc.

Comments and liking

Use comments on tasks to keep conversations in one place, so you can focus on getting work done.

Due dates, assignees and priorities

Assign tasks to individuals or groups so they’re accountable and add due dates and priorities to make sure work gets done.

Control access to lists

Control who has access to each task list, so you can protect sensitive information or prevent teammates from getting distracted.

Filter, group and sort

Filter, group and sort tasks by assignee, due date, status or priority so you can easily see progress or where you’re falling behind.

Content approval workflow

Enable approval workflow and take control of the publishing process so only approved content gets published.

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