Work collaboratively with dynamic, structured data in the cloud. Create sophisticated transactional and business optimising solutions, automate complex processes and solve business problems.

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Structured data collaboration

iSheets allows teams to work collaboratively with structured data. Create sheets with any number of columns and choose the type of data that can be entered, who can access it and how it’s presented in custom views. iSheets solves the problem of multiple people trying to edit one Excel spreadsheet.



Efficient business processes

iSheets can be applied to many business processes to make them more efficient. Create solutions to manage a real estate portfolios, asset registers, due diligence reviews and many other processes. Set custom alerts to trigger workflows in your process.


Consistent data capture

iSheets help you to capture data consistently and easily with customisable forms with predefined date formats, fixed choices in drop downs and conditionality so people only need to fill out the relevant fields depending on their choices. Avoid confusion and save time later in the process by reducing the need for data cleansing.

Simultaneous collaboration

Multiple users can view and edit iSheets simultaneously, so you always have access to the most recent version; no need to use email or version control.

Custom views

Admins can pre-define custom views of the data in an iSheet to show or hide particular columns using powerful combinations of conditions, rules and Boolean logic.


Control who has access to views, columns or individual rows in an iSheet.

Flexible data

Each column and data type can be defined individually including text fields, calculation columns, drop-downs, numbers, dates, links, attachments, lookups, and more.

Data collection and reporting

Create custom online forms with conditional logic, allowing you to capture precise data and then use it to generate reports or notifications and alerts.

Set email alerts

Create custom email alerts based on certain criteria changing in an iSheet.

Conditional rules

Columns and datasets can be set to appear if certain conditions are met on preceding fields. Users only need to fill out the relevant fields depending on their choices.

Custom file metadata

Use iSheets to capture custom file or folder metadata in the Files module that displays inline when viewing folders or in an iSheet with links to relevant files and folders.

Import from Excel

Import and export data to/from Excel for offline manipulation or bulk updating.

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