Our powerful secure file sharing and document management module integrates seamlessly with the rest of the application. The intuitive user interface and granular security controls makes it easy to use and enterprise ready.

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Powerful and easy to use

The powerful enterprise-grade file sharing and document management features allow you to have granular control over your files, folder structure, access rights and configuration settings but the system doesn’t get in your way. The intuitive user interface helps you securely share files and manage your documents with ease.



Advanced file security

Set advanced folder- and file-level permissions for users and groups. Protect sensitive documents with digital rights management tools, a built-in document viewer and PDF encryption. Control users’ ability to save, print or copy files and even add watermarks.


Enterprise-grade features

Our file sharing and document management technology has evolved from our experience providing data room solutions to some of the world’s largest law firms and banks. Enterprise features such as bulk upload and download, custom document metadata, DRM, reports, detailed auditing and more are built in to the module as standard.

Secure file transfers

Share large files securely either internally or with external parties. Create links to share existing files or quickly upload new ones. Control access rights with digital rights management, link expiry, watermarking and email verification for recipients. Use HighQ Drive to sync and share files directly from your desktop or use the Office plugin to share files straight from Word and Outlook. There is a full audit trail of all shared files and registered recipients can also send files back to internal users.

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Microsoft Office integration

Our Microsoft Office plugin makes HighQ Collaborate available in the Open and Save dialogues within all of the Office apps. You can save new files directly to any workspace and files you open are checked out and then saved back to Collaborate as a new version in one seamless process. You can even create secure links to share files directly from within the Office apps and the Outlook integration allows you to automatically replace large attachments with secure download links.

Full-screen file preview

Our full-screen file viewer is high fidelity and doesn’t require any plugins. The viewer allows you to quickly preview files from anywhere in the system, retaining your context and keeping you productive. You can easily move to the next or previous file and all file metadata, comments and tasks are displayed in the info panel. Users can mark-up and add shared annotations to files within the viewer and we support over 150 files types including Microsoft Office, PDF, Emails and specialist formats including DICOM medical images and AutoCAD files.


Full version control

Manage multiple versions of the same file with file check-out, version notes, marked up copies and version history.

Bulk deletion, moving and sorting

Easily move, delete or sort folders and documents chronologically, alphabetically or manually with drag and drop.

Content approval workflow

Use approval workflow to take control of the publishing process so only approved files get published to the site.

Detailed reports and auditing

Generate custom audit reports based on criteria such as date, user, organisation, folder, document or any action.

No file type or upload size limits

Upload any file type of any size to the system and securely share them with colleagues, clients or partners.

Customisable metadata

Add custom fields to your document metadata and use it to smart-search and filter your documents.

Advanced full-text search

Text files are fully indexed as they are uploaded and quickly searchable, with advanced search parameters and operators.

Bulk upload and download

Save time by quickly bulk uploading or downloading folder structures and multiple files in one go using drag and drop.

Comments and discussion

Have discussions around your files and store the conversations and knowledge together with the underlying content.

Automatic PDF conversion

Automatically convert common file types to PDF for increased document security and to prevent editing.

Auto-numbering and indexing

Allow the system to automatically number your folders and documents for you and re-index them if you move or delete files.

Email files directly to the site

Send files as attachments from your email client directly to your sites or specific folders using dedicated email addresses.

DMS integration

Integrate with popular solutions such as SharePoint, WorkSite and OpenText to upload files and folders directly to any site.

Email alerts

Optionally receive immediate notifications or daily and weekly digests when documents are added or updated.

Bidder management

Prevent organisations from seeing one and other in the same site. Particularly useful in pitches, tenders and bidding processes.

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