Improve collaboration and simplify project management by giving everyone in your team visibility of upcoming project milestones, deadlines and meetings with our sophisticated calendaring tools.

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Keep everyone up-to-date

Make sure the whole team is aware of meetings, deadlines and milestones by publishing important events in shared calendars for each project workspace. The easy-to-use calendar views with colour-coded categories, subscription feeds and email updates mean everyone will always know what’s happening and when.



View events your way

Easily switch between day, week, month and list views, use the mini-calendar to navigate through the weeks and months and see quick inline previews or click through to see the full event details. 


Subscribe and share

Subscribe to feeds from multiple external calendars and aggregate holiday calendars, training calendars and other events together so teams can view them in one place and subscribe to a single feed in Outlook or other apps on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Easy calendar management

Create your own event categories with custom colour-coding and access rights. Double click to add a new event or drag and drop to reorganise them. Comment on and tag events and easily search across events in all categories.

Import and subscribe

Easily import .ics files and subscribe to multiple external iCalendar feeds to automatically aggregate events from other calendars or external systems in one place.

Easy content editing

Create and edit events using the intuitive editor to produce richly formatted content with links, attachments, tables, images, auto-save and more.

iCalendar feeds

Download an .ics file to add an individual event to your personal calendar or subscribe to a feed in Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Attachments and links

Attach an existing file or upload a new one and attach it to your event. Quickly insert links to other pieces of content from any module, such as the Wiki or Tasks.

Categories and tags

Create categories for your events such as meetings, conferences or milestones. Use tags to connect content using flexible classification.

Comments and liking

Consolidate conversations around your events using comments that allow people to have discussions with links, attachments, @mentions and likes.

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