Cut down on email. Let people publish blog posts to share news, project updates, insight and thought leadership with their teams and consolidate discussions around hot topics and projects.

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Focus your discussions

Group discussions are notoriously difficult to follow via email and can distract people from their work. Focus your discussions around important topics and projects in blog posts to consolidate your conversations in a central place where people can opt-in to subscribe if they want to and simultaneously reduce email overload.



Broadcast knowledge

Share information, knowledge and ideas with your project team, department, or even company-wide through blogs. Information can flow freely and be discovered by anyone that finds it useful, rather than being trapped in the inboxes of a few people.


Follow thought leaders

Every organisation has thought leaders and experts in various fields. When they blog about their thoughts and experiences, others can learn from their knowledge in their particular areas of specialism. Blogs allows for the capture and transfer of tacit knowledge and information around the organisation much more effectively.

Easy content editing

Create and edit posts using the easy-to-use editor to produce richly formatted content with advanced linking, attachments, tables, images and more.

Auto-saved drafts

Work on draft posts for as long as you need and publish them when you’re ready. Posts are auto-saved in the background, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Categorise and tag posts

Create categories for your posts so users can easily browse high-level topics or use tags to connect content using flexible classification across all content modules.

Attachments and links

Easily attach existing files or upload new ones and have them attached to your post. Quickly insert links to other pieces of content from any module.

Comments and liking

Consolidate conversations around your posts in one central place using comments to allow people to have discussions with links, attachments, @mentions and likes.

Content approval workflow

Configure your sites and modules independently to use approval workflow and take control of the publishing process so only approved content gets published.

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