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Our suite of products combines cutting-edge technology with enterprise-grade security all wrapped up in a consumer-style interface. We help businesses collaborate, communicate and securely share information in the cloud.

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Get your work done and be more productive with HighQ Collaborate. Work in teams with colleagues, clients and partners from anywhere, on any device, to securely store and share files, manage projects, capture knowledge and improve business processes.

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Transform your knowledge and expertise into tailored and engaging content for internal and external audiences with HighQ Publisher. Create and manage portals, simplify your content marketing, manage campaigns, publish articles, blogs, events, microsites and more.

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Streamline the process and accelerate the deal with HighQ Dataroom. Manage your transactional documents with HighQ’s legendary design that’s powerful, fast and easy-to-use. Used on over 20,000 transactions by the world’s leading law firms, banks and corporations.

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