Solutions for government

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Our secure cloud solutions can enable team collaboration and content publishing within and between central government departments, local authorities and other public bodies to help reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies.


2. Secure file share and sync

Secure file share & sync

Quickly and securely share large or sensitive files with internal and external users anywhere in the world.

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1. Extranets

External collaboration

Create secure workspaces in seconds to collaborate and share information with clients and partners anywhere.

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3. Project management

Project management

Give your teams the right tools to get their work done quickly and efficiently to keep projects on time and on budget.

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6. Knowledge management

Knowledge management

Capture and share knowledge in one platform. Make it easy for colleagues and clients to access expertise.

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7. Enterprise social networks

Team collaboration

Bring your teams together to share information and collaborate, socialise knowledge and connect people.

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8. Document management

File management

Keep track of documents with full version control, approval workflow, full-text search, email integration, and much more.

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A guide to selecting your perfect enterprise cloud collaboration vendor


Case studies

Find out how we’ve helped our clients improve their internal processes and reduce overheads with our productivity, document management and collaboration solutions.