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Introducing HighQ 5.3

Feature enhancements in 5.3 help drive new efficiencies when developing solution templates; managing projects, matters, transactions and documents; creating client portals and intranets; and using our desktop and mobile applications.


Solution templates

We've enhanced the solution templating capability introduced in HighQ 5.2. The addition of workflow rules and HighQ AI engine configurations allows you to use existing sites to create even more powerful solution templates.

Project management

Project management

When you're planning, organising and tracking work with our agile project management tools, additional workflow rules now enable you to manage files and folders automatically.


Matter management

HighQ provides complete visibility of your legal team’s workload, activity, spend and risk. Now you can improve matter management by creating custom site metadata and producing data visualisations from aggregated data.

Transaction management

Transaction management

Add even more efficiency and transparency to transactions with a centralised, secure place to manage all your documents, tasks and data. Simplify every step of the process and conclude transactions faster.

Secure document management

Document management

Store, update, access and share documents and correspondence securely with HighQ's powerful capabilities. Our latest enhancements improve document security and help streamline the delivery of legal services.


Content publishing

Improve the way you collaborate with colleagues, clients and partners. Our enhanced publishing capabilities make the creation of client portals and intranets faster and more scalable.

Mobile and responsive

Desktop and mobile apps

Built from the ground up to support the mobile nature of business, HighQ's desktop and mobile applications enable your team to work together efficiently regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

Other improvements

Other improvements

Many other smaller improvements in 5.3 make you even more efficient and effective. These include a new central AI Hub that ensures the AI within HighQ is easier to use. We’ve also developed new API endpoints to support several site security features.

Introducing portable solution templating capabilities

Develop even more powerful solution templates.

The solution templating capabilities we introduced in 5.2 have been greatly enhanced in 5.3. The addition of workflow rules ensures your workflows are executed consistently every time a site is created using a template. Workflow templating accelerates the automation of tasks, events, email notifications, documents, iSheet records, files and folders. Native HighQ AI engine configurations are now also included in your solution templates. So, if you’ve assigned the HighQ AI engine to analyse the files in a folder or mapped iSheet file metadata columns to AI fields, they’ll be carried over to any new sites based on that template. The solution templating processes are now API-enabled. You can programmatically create and save, export and import, get, add, update and delete templates.

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Improve project management and let the work flow.

In 5.3, we’ve automated the file and folder management functions in the Workflow module. This enables you to automatically add a folder or move, copy and delete files. This saves time and ensures workflows are executed consistently. This new feature complements our AI capabilities by automating the treatment of documents classified by metadata. It’s now possible to view the task status, list, and priority data in the task metadata iSheet, where it can be edited inline or integrated within other iSheets as lookups and joins. We’ve also enhanced the task data visualisation capabilities via task metadata iSheets, enabling you to build functional project dashboards.

Project management
HighQ Matter management

Manage your matters more efficiently,

Every matter requires the management of information; the properties vary by matter type. To help with this complexity, in 5.3, System Admins can now define custom fields, visible across the list of sites, using a system-level site metadata iSheet. When creating or updating sites, Matter Managers can populate these additional fields for their site. They can see all the details and filter files using the custom file metadata fields, helping them find the relevant documents quickly and efficiently. You can now also aggregate data across multiple iSheets into a single data source for a chart. Useful if you want to provide an overview across numerous sites. If you click on a KPI chart, it will drill down to the underlying data in the iSheet.

Complete transactions faster.

With 5.3, you can bulk download file attachments from an iSheet, making the whole process quick and easy. You can also import, save and reuse ‘choice values’ as lists from other iSheets. Saving that ‘choice’ information as a list, to be reused by other iSheets, saves time and reduces errors. We’ve improved the iSheet user-interface, so tick boxes and action buttons are now always visible, plus the truncation of extra text and inline editing for score columns are enabled. There are significant improvements to the speed of exporting and importing iSheet data, and to folders where iSheet metadata is included.

HighQ in action

Securely manage your documents.

We’ve added document redaction support to the Files module in 5.3. Site admins can now manually redact content and edit redactions using the viewer. Redacted documents can be filtered in the files list page or using custom metadata, helping you find the right documents quickly. Also, users with a Folder Admin role can now move or copy documents between folders where they have permissions. The index view in the Files module is where you manage document bundling; we’ve introduced pagination at each folder to improve the user experience and optimise index page loading times. And finally, we’re enhancing the document automation plug-in capability to use lookup columns as variables.

Quickly create client portals and intranets.

In the Content Management module (formerly Publisher) you can now add snippets to the footer, print user comments, and manage forms without being a System Admin. We’ve added the ability to more heavily customize the navigation bars within a site with new CSS classes. As an extension to ‘Favouriting’ content, you can now add module or channel dashboards to your ‘Favourites’ list. Some clients use HighQ modules (formerly Collaborate) to create portals and intranets. In HighQ 5.3, we’ve improved the microblog permissions so they can be restricted to specific user groups. We’ve added the ability to @mention groups to avoid individual users receiving multiple email notifications. Also, in 5.3, you can suppress notifications to wiki, blog and event changes. Great if you’re making a lot of edits or correcting minor errors.

HighQ in action

Work anywhere, on a desktop or mobile device.

Today, teams need to work together efficiently, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. In December 2019, along with Dark Mode support for the iOS HighQ Drive app, we added integration with the native Files app in iOS. That means, on an iPhone or iPad, you can use the iOS native Files app to access your HighQ Drive folders and documents, alongside any other file sync and share apps you have installed. This makes transferring files quick and easy. It also allows you to seamlessly open, edit and save a document, all within your HighQ Drive folders. Now with 5.3, when sharing files across both iOS and Android apps, you can apply password protection, viewing restrictions and set custom expiry dates, for an added level of security.

Other improvements to help you work smarter.

These are just some of the enhancements we’ve made to the HighQ Platform. Many other smaller improvements make you even more efficient and effective with HighQ 5.3. AI Hub configuration, management, and reporting are now consolidated under a new central AI Hub section within Site Admin. This new feature increases control and makes the AI within HighQ easier to use. In HighQ 5.3, we’ve developed new API endpoints to support several site security features. API clients can now accept site terms and conditions, manage two-factor authentication and site passwords using these new API endpoints. This allows API clients to access content on sites with these site security settings enabled.

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