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Introducing HighQ 5.1

Data management, task management, workflow, AI, content publishing and other feature enhancements drive new efficiency in key solution areas:

Transaction management

Transaction management

Unified and simple

Project management

Prioritized and coordinated

Process automation

HighQ in action

Client engagement


Do more with your valuable data, faster.

Enhancements to HighQ’s powerful structured data collaboration feature (iSheets) enables you to work more effortlessly, collaboratively and interactively with important data—speeding transactions, simplifying processes, improving insight and more.

We’ve added inline field editing to make it more efficient to update data and a new scoring column type to enable risk analysis and calculation solutions. You also can link to smart iSheet forms from anywhere in the system to drive workflows such as matter intake and legal service requests.

Manage tasks and deadlines more efficiently.

HighQ simplifies the way you plan, organise, track and complete work and projects with people inside and outside of your organisation. In our latest release, we’ve upgraded our task-based project management capabilities, giving project managers even more flexibility to shift assignments, due dates and dependencies; generate improved email notifications; and automatically trigger workflows based on updates to task statuses and lists.

Manage tasks and deadlines
Prioritized and coordinated

Build even more effective, automated workflows.

Since its release, workflow has been instrumental in helping clients turn time-consuming, repetitive tasks into automated, intelligent processes. This version includes even more triggers and actions, providing additional ways to eliminate manual work.

Changes to a project task list and task statuses can initiate workflow steps. You’re also able to update data in iSheets, such as list options (choices) and dates; send emails to external addresses; assign tasks to people and more based on workflow actions.

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Drill down into the details of visualised data.

The latest version of HighQ’s data visualisation feature improves access to important details contained in charts and graphs and expands where they can be used.

We’ve made visualised data more interactive, so you can click a point on a line graph, for example, to display its underlying data. You also can add data visualisations to your content in wiki pages, where people can click through to interact more with them.

Data visualisation
Artificial intelligence

Expand your AI boundaries with new options.

Our newest version extends HighQ’s artificial intelligence (AI) reach by integrating enriched data from Eigen’s innovative AI engine directly into AI Hub.

HighQ’s own AI engine, which provides intelligence about documents in HighQ, adds the ability to classify German documents, extract data in other languages using Microsoft Translate and more.

Publish engaging, relevant content with ease.

HighQ’s integrated content publishing feature continues to make it easier for you to build and manage custom intranets, extranets and client portals with new dashboard panels, content elements, multilingual enhancements and API building blocks—plus more control over site design. Social networking improvements are included as well, with enhanced email preferences and support for likes, comments and multiple Twitter feeds.

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Discover how HighQ 5.1 can help your organisation become more automated, efficient and accessible.