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Introducing HighQ 5.0

Our unified platform and workflow engine delivers an end-to-end
client experience and drives workflow and process automation.

Client relationship

Deliver a seamless client experience.

We combined our Collaborate and Publisher products into a single, unified platform so that you can deliver seamless, end-to-end client journeys.

Prioritized and coordinated

Automate your legal processes.

Our new workflow engine automates time-consuming, manual tasks and connects content across the platform to help you find new efficiency.

Project management

Manage complex projects and transactions.

Improved task management, document collaboration, data visualisation, document automation and document analysis help you work smarter.

HighQ in action

The complete client experience.

Delivering an integrated client experience that joins personalised content, knowledge and added-value services with matter collaboration and transaction management workspaces is more important than ever to win new business and strengthen existing relationships.

With HighQ 5.0, your clients can move seamlessly from thought leadership and knowledge content to matter financials, documents, tasks and processes with a single user account, profile and unified search.

The result? You can deliver more efficient and engaging services and an unsurpassed digital experience for your clients from initial touch points through to deal delivery.

An evolution in workflow.

HighQ 5.0 empowers firms to reengineer their legal processes. Whether it’s legal project management, due diligence reporting, AI-powered contract review or transaction and litigation management, the HighQ platform brings people, content and process together.

Workflow automates time-consuming, manual tasks and connects the dots across the features and content in the platform. It creates operational efficiencies by turning repetitive actions into automated, intelligent processes.

HighQ in action
Prioritized and coordinated

Simple, automated actions create powerful outcomes.

You can quickly build rules into workflows that trigger actions based on collected data or file-based actions that automatically create tasks and events, send custom email notifications or generate documents from templates. For example, adding a file to a specific folder could automatically create a task, attach the file and assign it to a particular lawyer for review.

Learn more about workflow
HighQ in action

Take project management and tasks to the next level.

With custom task metadata, you have complete flexibility to manage projects your way—unlocking the power of HighQ’s versatile data collection and management (iSheets), workflow, data visualisation and other platform capabilities. You can create tasks that capture more customisable information, categorise or organise tasks more effectively, add any number of data columns to tasks to track additional metrics, and present more meaningful insight to project team members.

Document automation for everyone.

Using our new Microsoft Word add-in, anyone can easily build dynamic templates without programming, dragging and dropping auto-generated code into your existing legal documents. Then users across your organisation can generate standard, error-free legal documents using the automated Word templates, dramatically reducing the time and risk associated with manual drafting.

You can make the templates available from any HighQ site, trigger the creation of a document automatically within a workflow, kick off an automated review process and much more. And every document version is automatically managed in HighQ, where it can be easily accessed, shared, tracked, audited and archived.

HighQ in action
HighQ in action

Visualise trends in data and review KPIs at a glance.

The latest data visualisation enhancements make it easier to display trends in data over time, such as for a specific month or comparing it year by year. You also can create and display dashboard panels for key performance indicators (KPIs) to visualise simple, single calculations without the need to manually extract data from a spreadsheet or write code.

Integrate LEVERTON into AI Hub for seamless legal processes.

We’ve partnered with LEVERTON and integrated their market-leading data extraction and document management platform into AI Hub, enabling users to automatically push documents from HighQ into LEVERTON for key data extraction and store the enriched data in AI Hub for use in the iSheets or data visualisation modules.

The LEVERTON platform helps assess risks in portfolios, and can perform data aggregation and pull out key data points as part of due diligence and legal operations, in particular with real estate and financial documents as well as other unstructured data, in over 30 different languages. This structured data can then be pulled back into the HighQ platform, where it can be securely shared within your organisation, trusted third parties and clients.

Artificial intelligence
HighQ in action

Work more collaboratively with Google G Suite.

We continue to help you work more collaboratively using your favourite productivity tools like Google G Suite. Once you’ve connected your Google account in HighQ, you can create a new document or edit an existing one using the G Suite apps. With just a few clicks, your team can coauthor Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in real time and save them back to HighQ as a new version, making it easier to collaboratively create and manage content in one place.

Save space on your hard drive.

HighQ Drive gives you even more control over your folders and files, enabling you to individually select whether they’re available online or offline—freeing up space on your hard drive. With sync enabled, you can see a complete list of files on your desktop as they exist in the cloud, with an extra settings option to specify when synced files should be removed.

Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS)

Discover how HighQ 5.0 can help your organisation become more automated, efficient and accessible.