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Legal project management (LPM)

As clients demand more value, transparency and certainty, smarter legal project management becomes essential. HighQ perfectly complements your methodology, with workflow, timelines, task management, reporting and many other features that drive efficiency and reduce surprises.


Improve your profitability with better legal processes.

HighQ empowers you to systematise legal projects and eliminate manual steps along the way. Automated task lists, templates, workflow and other capabilities help you deliver more cost-effective services with fewer resources, increasing margins regardless of fee arrangement.

Introduce transparency and eliminate uncertainty.

Clients want to know that you’re handling their legal matters efficiently and protecting against risk. With HighQ, your firm can deliver a best practice approach—providing real-time access to spend-versus-budget dashboards, project risk trackers, status updates and automated alerts.

HighQ for Legal Project Management
HighQ for deal management

Provide a clear project scope and cost up front.

Collect and analyse matter data in dashboards and reports, dramatically improving the effectiveness of your pitch. You’ll know what resources are needed, how long each step will take, what a project will cost, as well as the risks—and be able to create task lists and timelines so that your client knows too.

Manage all of your legal project needs in one location.

HighQ combines tasks, notifications, reports, dashboards and other LPM features with tools like workflow, document management, collaboration and messaging. So with one platform, both your team and your client can manage projects, work and communicate more efficiently than ever.

HighQ for legal project management

Let’s have a discussion about legal project management.

How do you improve legal service delivery, ensure efficient processes are in place and provide clients with project transparency through LPM? Kate Bassett, global head of legal project management at Ashurst shares her insight.

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Our platform unites people and process to deliver certainty and value.

Bring your project team and clients together in one secure, online project workspace. From documents, knowledge and data to tasks, timelines and notifications, HighQ offers features that streamline your LPM methodology.

Matter Intake

Agile project management

Manage disputes and transactional projects with features that support Agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban frameworks.

Project management

Traditional project management

Leverage templated task lists and workflows to support a linear, waterfall approach to drive more efficient legal projects.

HighQ for Collaboration

Team collaboration

Work together in a central, secure hub, managing all communication, tasks, documents and data in one place.

Prioritized and coordinated

Workflow & process automation

Create standardised LPM workflows—automating tasks, triggering events and generating reports and notifications.

Reporting and performance tracking

Dashboards & data visualisation

Assemble dashboards to provide a complete, real-time picture of project financials, status, risk and performance.

Knowledge management

Knowledge retention

Collect valuable project know-how as you work and then use it to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.

Microsoft Office collaboration

Document management

Create, share, organise and manage key project documents, files and content securely in one, central repository.


Task management

Assign, organise and track project tasks in timeline views to understand where things stand and plan accordingly.

Regulatory compliance

Data management & reporting

Centrally collate project data and metrics to summarise progress and risk—improving stakeholder certainty and trust.

Discover how to streamline legal projects with HighQ, driving new efficiency and protecting profitability.