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Contract management

Your contracts are business assets, so it’s vital that you manage their lifecycle effectively to maximise value for your organisation. HighQ provides a central hub for end-to-end contract management, enabling you to automate contract creation and approval, identify and manage risk as well as monitor obligations and compliance—all within a secure, collaborative platform.

Maximise value with efficient, end-to-end contract lifecycles.

Contracts are the foundation of any business, but many organisations still manage them manually. HighQ enables a more efficient approach—helping you to digitally streamline the creation and management of your agreements. Draft, negotiate, execute and track all contracts in a transparent, central location.

HighQ for contract management
Complete and dynamic

Generate contracts easily with automated document assembly.

Improve responsiveness and reduce time-to-value with self-service contracts. HighQ enables business users to generate contracts from automated templates and clause libraries, ensuring speed, accuracy and compliance, with customisable escalation workflows to involve the legal team only where appropriate.

Streamline contract approval and execution with esignatures.

It’s critical that every executed contract has had the correct oversight and consent. HighQ provides configurable contract approval workflows (with DocuSign integration) to ensure that your agreements are properly approved and efficiently executed through electronic signing.

Contract eSignatures
Reporting and performance tracking

Gain full visibility into contract portfolio performance and risk.

With HighQ, you can get out of spreadsheets and begin evaluating every aspect of your contract portfolio within a single source of truth. Get complete visibility over contract status, monitor metrics and KPIs, and leverage AI and data visualisation tools to help create actionable insight, manage risk and maximise value.

Reduce processing times with powerful contract collaboration.

Executing contracts quickly and efficiently requires effective collaboration—from annotations and redlines to commenting and coauthoring. HighQ enables you to seamlessly work with others to protect against risk and complete contracts as swiftly as possible, all while maintaining a full audit trail.

HighQ for Contract Collaboration
HighQ Legal Hub eBook

The smart contract management hub.

When all aspects of contract management, including creation, negotiation, approval and signing—in addition to a full audit history for risk and compliance—exist within one central and collaborative ecosystem, transparency is increased, business value is enhanced and risk is controlled.

Download the ebook

One toolkit to optimise your entire contractual process.

Implementing a more effective contract management approach requires dozens of moving parts coming together at the right time. HighQ helps your legal team manage all activities, processes, documents and more in unison, so your business can execute error-free contracts with speed and precision.

Microsoft Office collaboration

Contract collaboration and productivity

Work on contracts with internal and external stakeholders using social tools, document collaboration, coauthoring and task management.

Artificial intelligence

AI-powered contract analysis

Use multiple AI tools, including our own AI engine, to review and categorise contracts, extract key terms and monitor risk more effectively.

Secure File Storage

Document management and search

Securely store all of your contracts in one place, find what you need with powerful search, and create full audit trails for risk and compliance.


Enterprise application integrations

Create and edit contracts in G Suite and Office 365, generate redlines with Workshare, and electronically sign contracts with DocuSign.

Contract management

Automated contract assembly

Turn contracts into automated templates—accelerating turnaround times by enabling business users to generate their own agreements safely.


Data visualisation and dashboards

Monitor and analyse contract data in one location, keeping you up to date in real time using contract trackers, dashboards, charts and graphs.

Prioritized and coordinated

Configurable contract workflows

Accelerate contract creation, management, approval and execution—replacing tedious, manual steps with automated, streamlined workflows.

Mobile and responsive

Mobile contract management

Access contracts and status information anywhere at anytime on any device, with a dedicated HighQ Drive app for offline access and editing.

Discover how to create, manage and process contracts more efficiently and intelligently.