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From videos and webinars to brochures and case studies, digital transformation starts here.

HighQ Legal Hub Case Study
Case Study

HighQ’s corporate legal department

HighQ uses its own platform to build a legal hub where all in-house legal work comes together.

Corporate Legal Litigation

Bring litigation management in house and deliver value with technology

Bring litigation management in house and deliver value with technology Corporate legal departments face growing pressure to reduce spend and bring more legal work in house. Litigation matters are highly visible, complex and costly, so legal teams need to get creative with technology to find ways to save. This webinar will discuss trends in legal […]

Cloud security presentation

Clouded judgement – is a misplaced fear of poor cloud security holding you back?

Your firm’s data is valuable and in demand. Discover how cloud security protects your data, reduces risk, and saves IT resources.

Leveraging technology in litigation presentation

Leveraging technology for litigation

Litigation is costly and complicated but technology can be used to simplify matters from beginning to end. Watch to discover how litigation technology can help.

Legal hub webinar

Create your own legal hub

The legal hub—transform how your corporate legal team collaborates and engages Collaboration is a critical part of the corporate lawyer’s role. In order to manage and mitigate risk while simultaneously delivering value, teams must be empowered to collaborate and engage, both efficiently and transparently. The concept of a ‘legal hub’ has never been more prevalent. […]

HighQ for data visualisation

HighQ for data visualisation

Make complex data beautiful.

HighQ’s data visualisation turns your data into colourful, engaging charts and graphs. Easy to use and customise, deeper insights are just a few clicks away. Quickly review important data like financial figures, task and workflow progress, the status of a matter or a breakdown of documents by type or language. Create a custom dashboard to update stakeholders, make informed decisions, improve client engagement and more.

HighQ for closing checklists

HighQ for closing checklists

Enable smarter, more efficient deal closing with a collaborative and secure virtual checklist that keeps everyone on the same page.

HighQ AI Hub brochure

HighQ AI Hub

The legal industry is rich with artificial intelligence solutions. Firms invest in multiple AI engines to create a custom AI solution to meet their unique data needs. However, the knowledge and insight gained from each AI engine then becomes isolated within the individual platforms. HighQ’s AI Hub brings all of your AI intelligence together.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Report
Analyst report

HighQ named a visionary in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

We are proud to be named a Visionary in the new Magic Quadrant report released by Gartner. In the report, Gartner evaluates content collaboration platform vendors on their ability to execute and their completeness of vision. 

Anatomy of a legal matter brochre

Anatomy of a legal matter

Although legal matters differ in process, law type and jurisdiction, the fundamental anatomy of most legal matters remains the same. Discover how our platform empowers your firm to transform its legal service delivery and ensure matter management is simple and effective.

Anatomy of a legal matter

Anatomy of a legal matter

In this video, Rob MacAdam, Director of Legal Solutions, identifies six elements that make up the anatomy of a legal matter and discusses improvements that enhance the overall health of a legal matter.