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HighQ for law firms

As the legal landscape has evolved, one thing is clear—clients now place a premium on efficiency, transparency and value. In response, the world’s most innovative law firms are combining technology, process improvement and a client-focused approach to reengineer their legal service delivery into a real competitive advantage.

These firms also are turning to HighQ’s intelligent work and client engagement platform to achieve this digital transformation, streamlining the way they work, deliver services and create value for their clients. Watch the video to discover how HighQ can help you to:

  • Enhance your firm’s brand, market online products and services, and attract new clients.
  • Improve the client experience, delivering more transparent, efficient and valuable services.
  • Create new ways to deliver legal services and products that differentiate your firm.
  • Securely share messages, files, data and information with internal, external stakeholders.
  • Work more efficiently with external and internal teams on matters, legal projects and files.
  • Collect knowledge and data as you work, improving decision-making and process efficiency.
  • Empower staff to easily share, contribute and access expert content, media, files and tools.
  • Deliver timely information to the entire firm about events, news, projects and more.
HighQ & Eigen Technologies webinar

How to use AI to scale knowledge management

Explore how AI can enhance knowledge management and empower KM professionals to scale their processes across the firm.

Smart spaces defined ebook

Smart spaces: The next legal tech frontier

Discover why digital workplaces and “smart spaces” are taking the business world by storm, and how they’re about to impact the legal industry.

Emma Jackson, Mills & Reeve

HighQ client testimonial: Emma Jackson, Mills & Reeve

Mills & Reeve began leveraging HighQ for simple data rooms, but now have expanded their adoption to all practice areas to improve project management, client experience, knowledge management, transaction management and portfolio management.