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HighQ for construction firms

Construction firms need to work collaboratively, securely and responsively. You need a platform that enables collaboration between internal and external parties via mobile devices, provides a secure workspace in which to manage the bidding process and facilitates the secure, fast transfer of very large files. Our tailored solution for construction firms allows you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, share large files and collaborate with contractors, project managers and construction workers on the go.

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HighQ for External collaboration

HighQ for external team collaboration

Break down the barriers to external collaboration Companies will always need to work with external parties, whether that is clients, partner companies, external advisers, regulators or agencies. Typically this means emails pinging drafts back and forth, losing track of current document versions and changes. Instead, set up secure sites in your collaboration platform where you […]

How to empower teams to deliver successful projects

How to empower teams to deliver successful projects

Take the pain out of project management and promote teamwork with an enterprise collaboration platform. It’s difficult to keep track of what stage projects are at when you’re managing many at once and updating multiple stakeholders can be even more challenging. Communicating with everyone in the project team at once quickly becomes as time consuming […]

HighQ for Document Automation

HighQ for document automation

HighQ for document automation speeds self-service document assembly for contracts and NDAs, online matter intake, M&A transactions and many other legal processes.