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May 23, 2019 | Press release

HighQ’s 5.1 release delivers improved data visualisation, workflow and AI to drive transaction management and process automation

London, 23rd May 2019 – HighQ is pleased to introduce the latest version of its unified intelligent work and engagement platform for law firms and corporate legal departments. The company’s newest software release, HighQ 5.1, is being unveiled today at the HighQ Forum, London during the keynote presentation by Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Stuart Barr.

HighQ 5.1 focuses on improving several of the core capabilities of the platform to add even more intelligence, flexibility and usability to the sophisticated transaction management, project management, process automation and client engagement solutions for law firms and corporate legal teams.

The company’s structured data capture and collaboration module, iSheets, has been enhanced with inline editing capabilities for faster and more efficient updating of data, a new scoring column type, to enable risk analysis and calculation solutions, and the ability to link to smart iSheet forms from anywhere in the system to drive workflows such as matter intake and legal service requests.

The release also includes improvements to HighQ’s workflow and task management capabilities, giving project managers even more power to automate processes. Workflow rules can now easily be configured so changing a task’s status or list automatically reassigns the task or change values and dates in an iSheet record. Dates can also be used to trigger workflow rules and send custom emails to groups or external users. When creating tasks, start and due dates can now have dependencies on other task dates. Task notifications have also been improved to show exactly what was added or changed.

In addition, HighQ 5.1 brings improvements to the platform’s data visualisation and AI capabilities. Charts and graphs can now be embedded into wiki pages so they can be used to create multiple, tailored dashboards for different audiences and users. Charts can now also be clicked on to drill down into the underlying data being used to drive the visualisation. Eigen Technologies’ AI engine has been integrated into AI Hub, broadening options for seamless AI engine integrations into workflows and processes within the platform. HighQ’s own AI engine also adds the ability to classify German documents, and extract data in other languages using Microsoft Translate and more.

HighQ’s content publishing and personalisation features have been more tightly integrated into the social collaboration capabilities of the platform with more control over site design and theming, allowing firms to deliver modern, engaging and personalised intranets and client portals with ease.

“Our intelligent work platform brings people together to collaborate on projects, matters and transactions, and empowers law firms and in-house legal teams to transform legal service delivery and create compelling digital experiences for clients and business users.” said Stuart Barr, HighQ’s chief product and strategy officer. “This release is about refining our powerful capabilities and improving the usability and flexibility of the platform to enable our clients to keep delivering seamless client experiences, managing complex projects and transactions, and working more intelligently and efficiently with their colleagues.”

More details about the release and included features are available on the What’s New page on HighQ’s website.

About HighQ

HighQ empowers leading corporate legal departments to transform and optimise the way they work, manage legal operations and deliver value to their business. We unite internal and external teams with solutions for legal service requests, document management, matter management, contract management and more, enabling legal departments to drive efficiency, increase productivity, mitigate risk and deliver business results. Our platform is flexible, user-friendly and integrates with other leading-edge technology to provide a seamless user experience and maximum return on investment.

Founded in 2001, HighQ has grown to a team of more than 350 and is headquartered in London with offices in Kansas City, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney and Ahmedabad.


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