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Introducing your legal hub.

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What is a legal hub?

Corporate legal teams are under constant pressure to deliver more value to their business.

Growing demand and changing expectations from the business mean that legal departments are looking for change and demanding that their network of external counsel do the same.

Discover a concept that brings all the key elements of your work together in one place—the legal hub.

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The legal hub: Create the ideal state for your corporate legal team
HighQ in action

Bring these four areas into focus.

Business Enablement

Business enablement and engagement

  • Matter intake
  • Self-service contracts
  • Contract playbooks
  • Legal guidance
  • Team capacity and KPIs

Asset and risk management

Asset and risk management

  • Contract management
  • IP management
  • Real estate management
  • Entity management
  • Risk and compliance

Internal collaboration

Collaboration and productivity

  • Legal operations dashboard
  • Document management
  • Matter collaboration
  • Knowledge management

Vendor management

Outside counsel management

  • Spend management
  • Legal project management
  • Matter reporting
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Service delivery solutions

Watch the legal hub webinar.

Collaboration is a critical part of the corporate lawyer’s role, and the need for a legal hub has never been more prevalent.

Watch this webinar to discover how to:

  • Identify prioritiesthe key elements of a legal hub
  • Redefine external engagementthe rise of the law firm portal
  • Strategically collaborate between external law firms
Watch the webinar
Create your own legal hub

Benefits of the legal hub.

A well-architected legal hub empowers you to reduce outside legal spend, make processes more efficient and mitigate risk. Creating a single, secure system of engagement makes it possible to:

  • Get more work done with less effort, efficiently managing tasks, due dates and priorities
  • Create, share and manage confidential files securely with external counsel and others
  • Shift low-value work to internal resources while outsourcing high-value, high-risk work
  • Provide instant visibility into spend, budget, status and other metrics with dashboards
  • Create tailored, secure spaces for M&A deals, real estate transactions and litigation support
  • Integrate data, documents and capabilities from other complementary systems

Discover how HighQ can serve as your legal hub to bring your team, knowledge and services together.