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Insights into digital transformation

Business is changing rapidly. Expectations from clients are steering the way we provide services, and consumer technologies have drastically impacted how we work. Find out how digital transformation is impacting businesses in our Insights video series in conversation with Constellation Research.

Why are collaboration tools now becoming mainstream?

Collaboration tools have been around for many years, so why is it that they are only really becoming mainstream now? In conversation with Constellation Research’s Principal Analyst Alan Lepofsky, Stuart Barr (HighQ’s Chief Strategy Officer) explains how the rise of smartphones and remote working, changing attitudes towards sharing information and working collaboratively along with the need to provide an improved user experience, have contributed to the rise of collaboration tools.

Best of breed point solutions vs one seamless platform

The question of best-of-breed point solutions vs one integrated platform is one of the oldest and most important questions that IT decision makers need to consider. Point solutions are single function tools, they are focused on delivering a best-of-breed solution to a specific problem. In this 1-minute video Stuart Barr, HighQ’s Chief Strategy Officer, addresses the pros and cons of best-of-breed point solutions vs one seamless collaboration platform.

Purposeful collaboration: Providing structure to work

Enterprise collaboration software is now widely adopted in organisations but how do we take it to the next level and really start driving digital transformation through purposeful collaboration? Organisations need tools that have structure and purpose and focus on helping people to get work done. In this quick conversation, Stuart Barr, HighQ’s Chief Strategy Officer, explains how to create structure to work through purposeful collaboration.

SmartLaw: Digital transformation in the legal industry

The legal industry is at a tipping point. Changing client expectations mean that firms that aren’t looking to embrace technology, offer new added-value services, and new billing models will be left behind in an increasingly competitive market. Watch this conversation between Alan Lepofsky, Stuart Barr, CSO at HighQ, and Ryan McClead, Business Transformation and Innovation Architect at HighQ, about SmartLaw and digital transformation in law firms.

What is HighQ Collaborate?

Up until now you’ve heard all about how digital transformation helps businesses stay current and remain competitive. In this video, you’ll hear how HighQ can help. In this conversation, Stuart Barr (HighQ’s CSO) explains what HighQ Collaborate is all about and how it can help businesses in their digital transformation efforts. This enterprise collaboration, productivity and content management platform is designed to transform the way people get their work done.

What is HighQ Publisher?

Productising knowledge and offering added value digital services is another key to digital transformation. In this conversation, see HighQ Publisher’s product director Ben Wightwick and HighQ’s CSO Stuart Barr discuss how knowledge professionals and marketing and BD teams in law firms and professional services organisations can use HighQ’s client engagement and content marketing platform to consolidate institutional expertise and make it accessible to clients and prospects.

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