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Connect and collaborate, anytime, anywhere.

Built from the ground up to support the mobile nature of business, our platform enables your team to work together efficiently regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

HighQ in action

We designed a platform that’s truly responsive.

Whether you’re interacting with HighQ as part of a more efficient work process or delivering engaging content, products and services to clients, our platform automatically adjusts to whatever device, browser or operating system is being used. More than just adapt, it’s optimised—without the need to download and install anything extra. From laptop to desktop to mobile device, you’ll never have to think about how users are accessing your solution. It just works, flawlessly.

HighQ and Forrester Webinar

Reap the rewards of the cloud.

Mobility is a key reason to invest in a cloud-based collaboration and content services platform, but there are many more. Discover why Forrester Research Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon believes mobility and other cloud benefits can help you deliver a better client experience.

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Mobile and responsive

Stay productive on the go.

Whether you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device (or all of the above), the HighQ Drive app ensures that you can easily and securely access, create, synchronise and share documents and information wherever your daily journey takes you. The HighQ Drive app works in concert with your HighQ platform, enabling you to save files for offline access, share secure file links and browse files across all team sites you have access to. You also can see a list of the files and folders you have recently viewed, added or updated in the app or via the web, which helps you quickly switch devices without missing a step. And because the app takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of different mobile platforms, the user experience is familiar, intuitive and efficient.

Mobile and secure

Mobility and security go hand in hand.

Whether you engage clients all over the world, collaborate with colleagues in different cities or just need to work outside of your office, the information you send and share must always be protected. True mobility requires it. Our cloud-based approach not only delivers the features you want, it enables you to work between internal and external parties without any concerns about security, compatibility and excessive administration involved with using two or more systems.

Discover how our mobility approach empowers your team to be more collaborative, informed and productive wherever they are.