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When you’re evaluating technologies and considering vendors, features matter.

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Because our intelligent work and engagement platform was designed specifically for your industry, we paid extra attention to the features that you and your clients demand.


While topics such as encryption key management and dedicated instances aren’t as exciting as artificial intelligence or data visualisation, they’re more critical than ever. You just can’t afford a technology platform that fails to prioritise security at every stage of development, deployment and beyond.

HighQ is trusted by many of the world’s leading law firms, businesses, financial services companies and governments to securely exchange confidential information both inside and outside of their organisations. There are many, secure reasons why.

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Like security, integration is a key factor that distinguishes leading technology platforms from ones you’re better off avoiding. All organisations, and even most teams and departments, have multiple applications in place to address various needs.

When these systems don’t work together, productivity, business continuity and collaboration suffer. While HighQ offers a complete intelligent work and engagement platform, we recognise the need to integrate with other leading technologies so our clients can maximise the value of their IT investments.

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It’s hard to imagine a technology platform that is incapable of working similarly and seamlessly on any device from any location. But the reality is, serving the mobile needs of users is often an afterthought. As an early adopter of the cloud, HighQ’s platform was designed specifically with mobility in mind.

From a user experience that was built using responsive design principles to carefully tailored mobile apps, being “on the go” never means “out of the office.” Our engagement solutions also help you publish your own portals and sites that are always mobile-ready.

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HighQ in action

User experience

How do you feel about the business applications you interact with every day? Do you look forward to working in them? Are they visually appealing on every device you use? Did it take you a bit of time before they were actually helpful? Are they actually helpful?

We consider these and many other user-experience-related factors when developing each new piece of functionality. Because our take is that when you or your clients interact with our technology, we want that experience to be as enjoyable, useful, efficient and intuitive as possible.

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Innovator's toolkit webinar

Get creative with legal technology.

How do HighQ’s platform features and functions impact creativity? Hear the perspectives of a panel of industry innovators as they discuss how to leverage HighQ to transform the way you deliver legal services and engage with clients.

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Discover how security, integration, mobility and user experience features enhance our platform.