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HighQ for due diligence

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HighQ for due diligence

Simplify your process, delivering certainty and clarity to clients.

Every transactional lawyer knows the importance and complexity of the due diligence process. Managing the review team and keeping track of all the moving parts, while staying within scope, can be overwhelming.

And because the process often involves numerous legal specialists across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions, key risks can be missed—delaying deal timelines and resulting in cost overruns.

HighQ’s solution for due diligence keeps you on track and on budget, empowering your firm to create a more intelligent, consistent and efficient process.

We make due diligence easier.

With a large-scale transaction on the horizon, Addleshaw Goddard used HighQ to make the firm’s due diligence process more efficient and consistent—replacing manual document review and findings with an automated solution.

Read their story
Addleshaw Goddard case study

Focus on priorities, letting our features handle the rest.

Office Collaboration

Transparent team collaboration

  • Securely share documents, manage notes, post updates and share deal calendars
  • Sync and share due diligence documents using virtually any device and platform
  • Consolidate due diligence activity in one place, and allow teams to customise alerts
  • Enable cross-border teams to stay in sync and collaborate from any location

Social and discoverable

Digital due diligence delivery

  • Create a virtual due diligence scope, ensuring everyone works within that scope
  • Collaboratively and transparently collate flagged issues in real time
  • Build forms to quickly assemble schedules and contract summaries
  • Summarise data in graphs and charts for greater insight into a deal’s risk profile

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent document review

  • Leverage the enriched data from multiple third-party AI engines for contract review
  • Extract clauses and provisions to help identify risk and capture key review data
  • Deploy our AI to determine document classification, language and more
  • Combine and visualise insights from all of your AI engines into one solution

Visual and agile

Agile due diligence management

  • Assign due diligence documents for review by individuals or groups
  • Track and manage due diligence tasks in custom lists, with custom task statuses
  • Get a full overview of your progress by viewing due diligence tasks in a timeline
  • See where you are in the process, and how much is outstanding, in a dashboard view

Digital reports

Automated report generation

  • Automatically generate full due diligence reports in Microsoft Word or PDF formats
  • Assemble reports of definitions, scope, key issues and schedules using collected data
  • Generate executive summaries, recommendation lists or action plans
  • Provide clear accountability and transparency with detailed audit reports

Experience clear benefits from start to finish.

HighQ in action

Save time

Accelerate contract review and shorten the due diligence process with automation.

Exceed expectations

Provide an exceptional client experience with straightforward, organised reporting.

Improve reports

Produce due diligence reports that are more consistent, efficient and transparent.

Enhance measurement

Capture due diligence data and outputs in a structured way to deliver new insight.

Increase productivity

Eliminate time-consuming steps, enabling your team to focus on higher-value work.

Control costs

Improve how you manage the due diligence process, ensuring costs don’t escalate.

Discover how our due diligence solution can help your firm be more efficient and transparent.