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Let’s build powerful solutions together.

HighQ offers a true ecosystem of referral, technology and consultancy partners that come together for everyone’s benefit—especially our clients and yours.

Interested in teaming up with HighQ?

Our partner programme enables partners to expand their offerings to include our leading enterprise collaboration, file sharing and digital transformation capabilities. It also extends the value our clients get from HighQ, complementing their existing investment in other technologies through integration.

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Technology partners

Technology partnerships enable independent software vendors to team up with HighQ to create integrated solutions that enhance each other’s offerings. This collaborative approach delivers cutting edge technology to clients while helping organizations reach their business goals.

Consultancy and delivery partners

Consultancy and delivery partners

Consultancy and delivery partners provide solutions to clients, introducing HighQ as a part of their overall offering. The partners drive the overall client relationship and deploy and support the solution, but HighQ manages our portion of the sales opportunity.

Referral partners

Referral partners

Referral partners work together with HighQ to share sales opportunities and blend marketing efforts, but we sell and service our respective products independently. Generally software providers, these partners offer complementary benefits to clients and influence purchasing decisions in some cases.

Partner spotlight:

Simplifying file sync and share between HighQ and your DMS

HighQ and SeeUnity have partnered to offer a seamless way to sync the content and files you share from HighQ with your existing document management (DMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

HighQ’s intelligent platform enables users to collaborate, communicate, and securely share content with people inside and outside of your organisation. SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronisation solution ensures HighQ is integrated and unified with your DMS.


Join the growing community of HighQ partners around the globe.