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Solutions for secure file sharing

Send and share information and files more securely and efficiently from anywhere, keeping them in sync on every device.

HighQ and Forrester Webinar

Add usability to your list of secure file sharing requirements.

When users are confused or frustrated, they bypass approved systems in favor of familiar, consumer-grade tools—putting an organization’s data at risk. Hear what Forrester Research Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon has to say about avoiding this situation as she offers five tips for investing intelligently in secure file sharing and other content and collaboration solutions.

Watch the webinar
HighQ in action

Whatever your file sharing needs are, HighQ offers the security and simplicity you demand

Our enhanced security protocols and advanced features help you maintain control over your sensitive documents at all times.

Quick and secure

Quick and secure

Set up a site in minutes to exchange files and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and partners outside of your network. You can upload files in seconds and share them instantly while maintaining full access control and auditing.

Simple and straightforward

Simple and straightforward

Easily view, download or comment on documents and files wherever you are. Administrators can configure sites, add files, create folders, manage the structure, add user groups and set permissions in minutes.

Large file transfer

Fast and capable

Share files that are either too large or too sensitive to send via email. Upload a file and share the link to allow anyone to download or view the file. Apply digital rights management, automatic link expiry and file deletion, and email verification for recipients.

Stay productive on the go

Whether you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device (or all of the above), the HighQ Drive app ensures that you can easily and securely access, create, synchronize and share documents and information wherever your daily journey takes you.

The HighQ Drive app works in concert with your HighQ solutions, enabling you to save files for offline access, share secure file links and browse files across all team sites you have access to. You also can see a list of the files and folders you have recently viewed, added or updated in the app or via the web, which helps you quickly switch devices without missing a step.

And because the app takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the different mobile platforms, the user experience is familiar, intuitive and efficient.

HighQ in action

Mobile and responsive

Built from the ground up for mobile devices, our touch-friendly, responsive design automatically optimises itself based on the screen size of the device you are using. So you can seamlessly sync, share and access files from any device or location.


Detailed and auditable

Audit every file and action using criteria such as date, user, organization, folder, file or activity. It’s easy to read a particular version, review the full version history and view the access record of a file. You can even see which users or organizations are most active and when they’ve logged in.

Discover how our solutions can make sharing files more secure, efficient and intuitive.