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Transaction management

Complete M&A, real estate and other legal transactions more efficiently and effectively—with a solution that offers a central, secure hub for managing all of the documents, signatures, checklists, tasks and data that surround a deal. HighQ simplifies every step, from managing due diligence to generating a closing book.

Provide real-time deal insight and status reporting.

Transparency and accountability are key to better deal outcomes, and HighQ helps you deliver both. Quickly review dashboards that display real-time project status, tasks, activities, financial metrics and risk analysis for your team, clients and other parties.

HighQ in action
Prioritized and coordinated

Automate workflows to streamline your transactions.

Automate and standardize time-consuming, manual transaction processes like assigning work, analyzing documents, generating reports and routing documents to signatories—so your team can focus on more valuable, strategic tasks and complete deals more efficiently.

Accelerate deal execution with secure data rooms.

Disclosing sensitive documentation is a critical part of most deals. HighQ enables you to securely structure, categorize and share documents for review, with audit trails and reporting, advanced Q&A, user permissioning and digital rights management—ensuring sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Transaction management
Knowledge Management

Mitigate risk effectively by working more intelligently.

Whether you want to automatically classify documents with AI tools, quickly identify contracts and clauses that present risk, make faster decisions with analytics, or deploy agile project management, HighQ adds velocity to your deal process and helps manage deal risk for your clients.

We provide a smarter way to manage deals.

When information is everywhere, and the documents, emails, reports and tasks that surround a deal are somewhere else, it’s difficult to be efficient, transparent and consistent. HighQ helps you take control of transactions.

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Our platform delivers the efficiency, transparency and velocity clients demand.

With HighQ, you can quickly assemble the right people, knowledge and tools you need to ensure that transactions flow effortlessly from start to finish—in one centralized, secure location.

Document collaboration

Document collaboration
and management

Work together on deal documents, track all document versions, generate comparisons and integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite.


Dashboards and reporting

Visualize real-time data and trends to instantly assess deal progress and evaluate risk, gain deeper insights and better inform decisions.

Project management

Centralized project management

Offer one place where planning activity, tasks and status reporting are accessible, actionable and secure for you and your clients.

Electronic signatures

Electronic signature management

Collect, track and manage signatures for all parties and leverage DocuSign to tag execution blocks and record formalities.

Matter intake

Closing checklists and bundles

Manage deal documents, deliverables and signatories in virtual checklists and easily generate closing bundles when the transaction is complete.

Unified and simple

Workflow and process automation

Quickly build rules to automate transaction-based workflows like assigning tasks, sending notifications or generating documents.

Regulatory tracking

Due diligence automation

Analyze documents using integrated artificial intelligence (AI) tools, capture deal risks and generate fully automated due diligence reports.

Customer portals

Secure virtual data rooms and deal rooms

Share files and information in virtual data rooms with advanced Q&A, digital rights management, permissioning and reporting.

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