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Online products and services

Win new business, create new revenue streams and deliver superior client value—using HighQ to turn your firm’s unique knowledge and expertise into marketable, online products and services that redefine legal delivery and enable your firm to stand out from the crowd.

HighQ in action

Create new revenue streams or offer value-added services.

Whether you want to offer new products and services to grow revenue or enhance your client relationships, HighQ empowers you to expand your reach. You can quickly use our platform to deliver online toolkits, guides, trackers, insight, self-service document assembly and much more.

Empower clients with tools to manage risk and surface value.

Easily combine HighQ’s features into tools that can track and manage real estate, intellectual property, commercial contracts, entities and other portfolios, providing your clients with real-time insight into their assets and exposure to better mitigate risk and identify opportunities.

HighQ for Document automation

Provide playbooks and auto-generated legal documents.

Help your in-house clients manage their standard contracts and agreements more efficiently, using HighQ to develop solutions such as digital contract playbooks and on-demand document builders that are available through a secure online portal—boosting your responsiveness.

Help clients to implement compliance strategies.

Offer a wide range of online solutions that help your clients identify and resolve compliance issues, quickly address regulatory changes and carry out remediation. From toolkits and guides to trackers and checklists, HighQ helps your clients get prepared.

Matter Intake

Generate new business and build stronger relationships.

Allen & Overy redefined the client experience by making client-focused digital experiences, products and services available in a single place. HighQ’s platform enabled the shift as they successfully built up their online offerings.

Read their story

Our platform makes your firm invaluable.

As you innovate, you also can help your clients transform their own businesses. They look to you for expert legal advice, so why not strengthen your relationships by using HighQ to deliver new products and services.

Custom portals

Online portal development

Easily build and manage portals, microsites and channels to deliver client-specific online legal products and services.

Custom dashboard

Custom-branded dashboards

Quickly design a personalized entry point for clients, aggregating insight, knowledge and tools tailored just for them.

HighQ in action

Video & rich media support

Publish recordings of client conferences, seminars and training sessions or stream live events, webcasts and webinars.

Content management

Content & document publishing

Create and publish a range of content, from current awareness and guides to know-how, briefing notes and templates.

Complete and dynamic

Document automation

Enable clients to complete online forms that automatically generate templated legal documents on demand.

Social and discoverable

Comparison tookits

Provide exclusive access to your firm’s expertise and cross-functional knowledge, spanning a range of legal topics.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Track and manage real estate, IP, contracts, entities or other portfolios, providing clients with real insight into their assets.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory trackers

Offer an online portal for clients to monitor regulatory changes, track compliance and engage your experts when needed.

Reporting and performance tracking

Data collection & management

Create online forms to take instruction from clients and use that data to generate custom guides, reports and contracts.

Find out how to generate more business and add value to client relationships with HighQ.