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Litigation management

Provide stakeholders with instant, secure and centralized access to the critical files, details and status that surround their cases. From disclosure, evidence and deposition tracking to invoice, deadline and task management, every dispute is run more efficiently with HighQ.


Automate routine tasks to increase value, performance.

In many firms, too much time is spent on non-billable, administrative work. HighQ changes that equation with trackers, intake tools, notifications and other automated features that eliminate many routine tasks, so lawyers and everyone else can spend more time on valuable pursuits.

Track and manage disputes more intelligently.

At every stage of a dispute or litigation, HighQ helps you work smarter and more productively with your team and clients. You’ll always have a real-time picture of progress while effortlessly managing and collaborating on documents, deadlines, timelines, tasks and budgets—all in one highly secure place.

HighQ for task management
Collaboration and productivity

Simplify collaboration to get better litigation results.

Not only does HighQ streamline the tasks that consume your time and resources, it also facilitates more strategic, collaborative work with clients. Our platform makes it easy to share files, coauthor documents and communicate, so you can focus on developing strategies and delivering better outcomes.

Deliver on-time and on-budget project certainty.

Incorrect forecasts either cut into revenue or damage client relationships. Firms that use HighQ avoid both, because they can pinpoint exactly which resources are needed, how much time and effort is required, and what to charge based on data and insight collected from previous matters.

HighQ for Legal Project Management

Optimize your planning, management and delivery.

Understanding the anatomy of a legal matter is critical to improving legal service delivery, driving process efficiencies and generating better returns. We’ve outlined the components that make up every matter and offer four tips for managing them more effectively.

Review the infographic

Our platform brings everything together.

Whether you’re evaluating a matter, starting discovery, moving toward resolution, or performing post-matter analysis, HighQ’s platform offers all the features you need to drive efficiency, profitability and transparency.

Legal technology

Centralized litigation hub

Provide a single, secure location where you and your clients can communicate, plan and collaborate on litigation projects.

Office Collaboration

Document collaboration

Develop, manage, share and review all documents including depositions, pleadings and exhibits in one secure repository.


Auditing & reporting

Track all critical case documents such as evidence, discovery and served documents with a complete audit trail.


Dashboards & data visualization

Monitor case progress, exposure and risk in charts and graphs, and quickly access important deadlines, tasks and updates.

Project management

Project & task management

Get an instant, high-level view of case workstreams, visualize progress and drill down into task timelines, details and status.

Digital reports

Case notes & journals

Record, organize and manage litigation notes in collaborative wikis, with real-time access during hearings and mediations.

Artificial intelligence

AI & automation

Use AI tools to create automated workflows that streamline processes and categorize documents and disclosures.

Document assembly

Smart document bundling

Generate court bundles simply and seamlessly from within the platform—making trial preparation more efficient.


Mobility & accessibility

Gain an edge with instant, mobile access to case-crucial information and documents anywhere, anytime on any device.

Discover how HighQ improves the litigation process with increased efficiency, tracking and collaboration.