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Solutions for document management

Whether you require a comprehensive system of record to secure all of your electronic documents in the cloud or want to add new value to your existing DM platform, HighQ delivers exactly what you need.

Vodafone case study

We help you maximize the value of your documents.

When designing a solution to help Vodafone manage property matters more efficiently, Osborne Clark leveraged HighQ’s platform to make all documentation accessible in one place—a move that has generated lasting value for their client.

Read their story
HighQ in action

Whenever you collaborate, HighQ manages the files that surround your work.

Integrate powerful document management capabilities—version control, digital rights management, advanced permissioning, approval workflow, custom metadata and more—seamlessly into your business processes.


Simple and efficient

Upload documents in seconds and share them instantly while maintaining full access and auditing control. You can quickly add files using drag-and-drop, Microsoft Office integration, email, bulk import or by attaching them to a wiki page, blog or task.

Social and engaging

Powerful and intuitive

Gain unparalleled control over your files, folder structure, access rights and configuration settings without the system getting in the way. It’s easy to use and administer, so you can confidently and quickly share files and manage your valuable documents.

Complete and dynamic

Complete and dynamic

Our enterprise-grade features deliver version control, file checkout, approval workflow, full-text search, automatic numbering, drag-and-drop uploads, bulk download, email and third-party integration, automatic PDF conversion and much more.

Advanced and detailed

Advanced and detailed

Control file permissions at all levels and manage access to sites, folders and individual files for users and groups. You can limit access to registered users only; restrict download, saving, printing and copying rights; apply automatic link expiry and manually revoke links to each shared file.


Protected and controlled

Provide an additional, persistent layer of protection for shared and downloaded files with digital rights management. You can encrypt and secure files in their original format and set broader permissions. So wherever a file goes, including personal mobile devices or another cloud service, access permissions are continually enforced.

Integrated and synchronized

If you use iManage, SharePoint, NetDocuments or another document management system (DMS), HighQ can help you get more value from that system through continuous, secure integration. For example, if you need to share and collaborate on sensitive files as part of an M&A transaction, HighQ is your ideal solution. All of those documents can then be synchronized and saved automatically in your system of record in real time—and include mapped metadata, full version history and audit trail.

HighQ in action

Discover how our document management solution can help your organization manage content more securely, efficiently and dynamically.