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Matter management

With workloads increasing, it’s critical to have instant access to accurate matter information and status metrics. HighQ keeps you informed and in control—creating real-time visibility into your matter portfolio and helping you to efficiently track risk, manage resource and automate reports.

Gain complete visibility over internal and external matters.

Whether you’re handling work internally or sending matters to outside counsel, you can transparently manage your matter portfolio in a single, easily accessible hub. See the big picture in real time, instantly accessing and reviewing matter status, documents, notes, tasks and risk.

HighQ for matter management

Easily monitor and analyze your team’s matter data and metrics.

Consolidating internal and external matter data into dashboards and trackers is vital for managing risk and achieving strategic business goals. HighQ makes it simple to monitor matter lifecycles and portfolio performance so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Collaborate on matters in one secure, centralized location.

As well as offering a system of record, HighQ delivers a collaborative system of engagement for your lawyers and outside counsel. From working together on documents to sharing knowledge, status and legal spend to teaming up on tasks—matter collaboration has never been easier.

Matter collaboration and productivity

Clearly demonstrate the impact and value of your department.

With legal departments under increasing pressure to deliver more value to their organizations, HighQ enables you to collate and visualize matter data to ensure that the value of your department’s work is visible and clearly understood so that you’re seen as a net contributor.

Streamline matter process and workflow to boost productivity.

How do you enable your team to become more strategic in the face of growing workload? With HighQ, you can drive team efficiency and productivity by automating legal workflows to ensure matters are automatically recorded, assigned, actioned and tracked throughout their lifecycle.

HighQ in action

We help you manage matters more efficiently.

When designing a solution to transform the way they manage property matters, Vodafone and Osborne Clark leveraged HighQ’s platform to make all documentation accessible in one place—a move that has generated lasting value.

Read their story

Our platform delivers for your team when it matters most.

HighQ’s best-in-class platform combines all of the features you need to deliver your best practice processes. From document management, data collection and workflow to integration, task management and data visualization, HighQ ensures your team is always at its best.

Microsoft Office collaboration

Document and content management

Securely store and manage matter documents, coauthor them in G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 and easily integrate with Outlook.

Virtual data rooms

Data collection and management

Collect and track standardized matter data using customized online forms that reflect your best practice business and legal processes.


Data visualization and dashboards

Assemble visual dashboards for real-time reporting of matter data and metrics—enabling more agile, data-driven decision-making.

Prioritized and coordinated

Workflow and process automation

Create automated workflows to direct work to the relevant lawyer, manage deadlines and notify teams of matter progress and risk.

Collaboration and productivity

Collaboration and productivity

Create organized and dynamic legal teams with social tools, document collaboration, project management and secure file sharing.


Task and event management

Plan, organize and track matter activity more efficiently with matter calendars, agile task management and status reporting.


Enterprise application integrations

Connect your matter processes with business tools including G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, DocuSign, Workshare Compare and more.

Simple and straightforward

Mobile matter management

Access matter information and documents anywhere at anytime with Android and Apple iOS devices, as well as the HighQ Drive app.

Discover how to streamline matter management and improve visibility and oversight with HighQ.