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Legal intake and self-service

Your in-house legal team is an essential business partner, but it’s difficult to maximize your strategic value when inefficient processes and low-value work get in the way. HighQ changes the equation, providing a legal front door where automated, efficient intake and self-service tools enable you to deliver agile legal services to better meet the growing needs of your organization.

Standardize and streamline
legal service requests.

Without a clear, consistent process for managing legal intake, tracking and assigning service requests becomes chaotic and inefficient. HighQ helps you standardize the process for your team and business with configurable workflow that directs intake to the right resource and provides status updates to business users.

Legal Intake and self-service
Project management

Focus on high-value work by empowering your business.

With HighQ, you can enable people across your organization to access legal know-how, playbooks, checklists, guidance and other knowledge assets in one self-service portal—freeing up your team to work more intelligently and strategically on higher-value activities.

Enable business clients to create their own legal documents.

In addition to simplifying requests and knowledge access, HighQ releases your lawyers from routine contract drafting by empowering business users to generate preapproved, standard legal documents with automated safeguarding workflows to escalate exceptional matters to your team.

HighQ in action
Instant and accessible

Improve response and cycle times, enhancing your standing.

The legal department is often unfairly seen as a blocker, rather than an enabler of business value and results. By providing greater legal self-service with HighQ, you can change internal perceptions by delivering essential legal services quickly and efficiently, positing your team as a valuable facilitator, not an obstacle.

Mitigate risk by analyzing trends and legal demands.

By managing legal intake with HighQ, you can create a complete record and audit trail of legal demand across your organization. Track legal request metrics (by department, region, phase, due dates and more), spot risk and problem areas in the business in real time, and plan team resources accordingly.

HighQ for legal intake

Unlock business value with your own legal hub.

What is a legal front door, and how does it help in-house lawyers become strategic advisers in the face of overwhelming workloads? Explore a concept that’s gaining traction as legal departments look to transform how they engage with their organizations.

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Our platform opens the door to new efficiency.

HighQ unlocks your in-house legal department’s potential, offering all of the tools you need to drive efficiency. So your team can stay focused on what matters most for your business—delivering value and mitigating risk.

Document management

Customizable online request forms

Create forms to collect all the details you need to assess and take action on new service requests—eliminating the usual back and forth.

Contract management

Self-service contract assembly

Automate standardized, preapproved templates so your employees across the business can quickly and efficiently generate documents.

Reporting and performance tracking

Data collation and reporting

Unify intake data in a consolidated view that keeps your legal team informed and on task, easily tracking and reporting on service requests.


Knowledge sharing and thought leadership

Make legal advice available anywhere at anytime by offering toolkits, guides, playbooks and other know-how resources in wikis and blogs.

Prioritized and coordinated

Workflow and process automation

Eliminate manual steps, automatically creating tasks and notifications, and routing work and approvals to more efficiently handle legal intake.


Social collaboration and internal networking

Get out of email and boost productivity by communicating and collaborating with your business in a more social way, in one online space.


Data visualization and dashboards

Create custom dashboards containing charts, graphs and KPI panels to instantly visualize legal demand and monitor service requests.


Task and event management

Manage and allocate service requests in real time. Create and access tasks, deadlines and events to keep your department agile and aligned.

Discover how to manage legal service requests and deliver more valuable support to your business.