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Portable solution templating capabilities

The brand-new templating capability in HighQ 5.2 enables you to use sites and their configuration to create repeatable, portable solution templates.

HighQ for solution templating

Creating new sites becomes more intuitive, efficient and seamless.

Solutions Templating is a powerful new feature for using existing HighQ sites and turning them into portable site templates. These templates can be shared, edited and used to create new sites more quickly and easily. Site templates can even be exported or imported across different HighQ instances. Solution templating saves a significant amount of time for site administrators and solutions architects. It also ensures consistency by automating and standardizing what would otherwise be a repetitive, manual process.

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Prioritized and coordinated

Standardizing existing site configurations faster and more accurately.

Now with HighQ 5.2, you can create solution templates that include the following elements: iSheets and iSheet Views, document automation configuration, folder structure, home pages and site navigation, re-pointing of data visualization and navigation links, site and module configuration, user groups and permissions.

Accelerate your site development process.

The new solution templating capability saves administrators time and effort, reducing ‘time to value’ for sites and projects. Sharing templates across instances allows you to deliver consistent business sites quickly and efficiently. Building and templating sites that are needed regularly enables you to provide a quick self-service solution to your organization’s business users.

Data visualisation

Discover how our solution templating capabilities can make creating new sites more intuitive, efficient and seamless.