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HighQ for regulatory change management

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HighQ Regulatory change dashboard

Enable frictionless compliance with a traffic control system.

For many financial institutions, the process of managing regulatory change is disjointed and overwhelming. Even the most coordinated approaches suffer from imprecision.

Effort is wasted. Changes might be missed. Crucial tasks can go to the wrong people or nowhere at all. And it’s almost impossible to track who’s accountable for what.

HighQ offers a solution—one that provides you with a single, efficient way of anticipating, understanding, implementing and monitoring regulatory change.

We help you manage change.

With HighQ, you can efficiently organize and automate the flow of information throughout your business. This precise accountability prevents overload and gridlock and helps you land regulatory change activities exactly when needed.

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Regulatory change manager

Automate and streamline your regulatory change routines.

Instead of manually sifting through hundreds of daily regulation alerts and entering applicable ones into spreadsheets or SharePoint, HighQ automates the entire process for you. HighQ ingests global regulatory content, classifies it and picks out what’s relevant to your firm, routing the right information to the right people, with minimal intervention from your team.

Evidence your response, all the way through the process.

Tracing each change through to implementation can be an administrative nightmare. With HighQ’s complete audit trail and version control functionality, you can easily capture and view the decisions, interpretations and actions associated with each regulatory alert, throughout its lifecycle. You’ll also have a seamless, straightforward way to evidence the management of regulatory changes to executives and regulatory authorities, assuring them that you’re on the right path.

Version control
Regulatory change manager

Deliver a timely, organized and proactive response to change.

Automating the alert process helps you focus efforts on crucial, strategic actions instead of wasting time on unimportant, reactive tasks. HighQ also organizes work and connects your team in one place, so you can easily collaborate on documents like consultation responses, manage implementation projects, coordinate regulatory communications and track tasks.

Our capabilities simplify your approach.

Managing regulatory change should not be a brake on your business. With HighQ’s platform in place, your organization can move forward—confident that you’re making the right decisions.


Regulatory content integration

Leverage our own regulatory feeds or ingest existing feeds from horizon scanning providers and other sources, putting the data to work intelligently inside HighQ.

Unified and simple

Workflow & process automation

Focus on your strategic response while HighQ automates tedious steps for you, like entering data, sorting out what’s relevant and assigning work.

Project management

Task & project management

Automatically assign ownership, tasks and alerts on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that the right people act quickly and work together efficiently on priorities.


Regulation tracking & reporting

Generate a consolidated log to coordinate change feeds in a central repository, and provide a complete, auditable record to track and report on regulatory change activities.

Benefit from controlling all of your organization’s compliance activities in one place.

HighQ Regulatory change manager

Drive business value

Support revenue and control functions, balancing urgency and efficiency, opportunity and risk.

Coordinate responses

Introduce a highly disciplined communications process to direct and track change notices.

Enhance accountability

Know exactly who’s working on what project and its status, preventing overload and gridlock.

Drive efficiency

Eliminate spreadsheet or Sharepoint updates while simplifying workflow and collaboration.

Mitigate risk

Keep the business constantly informed of regulatory changes and compliance requirements.

Centralize knowledge

Provide a single source for all regulatory guidance, know-how, research and documentation.

Find out how to be more efficient, responsive and coordinated when managing regulatory change.