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Increase the value of your technologies.

When you invest in IT solutions, you need them to work well together—just like your team. We use the latest integration methods to help you and your applications do more, collaboratively.


Our hub connects your solutions.

Integration is essential, because there’s not one technology that can solve every problem. Our platform excels at things like collaboration, task management, client engagement, workflow and other capabilities that make daily routines more efficient.

But we also engage other vendors if their complementary features can help our clients. Working with partners, we integrate with a range of systems and make their benefits easily accessible from within HighQ.

So you have one place to go, a hub, where you can access everything you need to work more intelligently.

HighQ in action

Document management

Unifying the documents and data that are generated in different systems is critical to creating efficiencies and managing information properly. HighQ and SeeUnity offer an integrated solution that enables seamless archiving, publishing and bidirectional syncing of content and metadata between HighQ and more than 20 systems of record, including Microsoft SharePoint, iManage, NetDocuments and OpenText.

HighQ in action

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Innovative firms are deploying several AI solutions to address different needs. Our integration with leading providers, such as Kira Systems, Leverton, Eigen, Luminance, Neota Logic and RAVN, enhances and automates your HighQ-driven processes using enriched data from these sources.

We also created the AI Hub to aggregate insight from multiple AI platforms, including our own AI engine that provides intelligence about documents stored in HighQ.

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Digital rights management

We’ve teamed up with Seclore to provide the most advanced, secure and connected digital rights management (DRM) functionality available—delivering an additional, persistent layer of protection for shared and downloaded files. Files are encrypted and protected in their original format, so people can work with them in the applications they’re most familiar with.

Microsoft Office collaboration

Productivity applications

Microsoft Office
Our seamless Office add-in and advanced Office 365 integration enables you to view, create and collaboratively edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in real time and save them in HighQ. You also can file emails and save attachments directly from Outlook.

G Suite
Integration with G Suite is as simple as connecting your Google account in HighQ. Then, with just a few clicks, your team can collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that are saved concurrently in HighQ, making it easier to collaboratively create and manage content in one place.

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures

HighQ’s esignature integration with DocuSign empowers you to complete approvals, agreements and transactions faster by making it simple to select one or more files and send them to multiple recipients for signing. As you’re sending them, you can indicate exactly where the documents need to be signed for greater clarity.

Document comparison

Document comparison

If your team licenses Workshare Compare Everywhere, you can access their leading functionality directly from inside HighQ, without the need to launch separate applications. This integration enables you to quickly, accurately and securely review differences in documents using Workshare’s online comparison capabilities, wherever you are, from any device.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Through our partnership with SeeUnity, you can include the documents and content you manage in HighQ with Salesforce, making your records more relevant and approach more effective. Also, our client engagement and content marketing solutions integrate with LexisNexis InterAction, so you can leverage marketing or working lists and ensure preferences are up to date.

Client platforms

Client platforms

Our XML/RSS connector allows news and other updates that can be exposed as XML, RSS or iCalendar feeds to be imported into Blog and Events modules from other sources. We also offer an SQL database connector that pulls structured data in from other sources by mapping SQL tables to our iSheets module and publishing your structured data in the cloud.

Security Icon

Access and authorization control

Synchronize users and groups from Active Directory or LDAP servers so that you can streamline user management and leverage security groups to reduce administration time and minimize risk. We also fully support the industry-standard SAML 2.0 protocol for single sign-on (SSO), including integration with ADFS, Oracle Identity Federation, Okta, Onelogin and more, to ensure the log-in process is seamless and simple for users.

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Web-based applications

The navigation bar of a HighQ site is completely customizable and flexible, making it possible to link to any external web-based site or application. So authorized site users could instantly access another core system, like human resource (HR) management and other ERP solutions, directly from HighQ—giving you a single launching point for all of the technologies your team requires.

Discover how our integration approach pulls together the capabilities you need to be more efficient, collaborative and unified.