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HighQ for matter management

Modern matter management for corporate legal teams

Efficient matter management can be a challenge for corporate legal teams as they use separate tools and manual processes for matter tracking, reporting and communications. Discover a better way.

Smart spaces defined ebook

Smart spaces: The next legal tech frontier

Discover why digital workplaces and “smart spaces” are taking the business world by storm, and how they’re about to impact the legal industry.

RSG Elements of Innovation

Elements of innovation: A guide to legal innovation through technology

Every year, as a part of the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards, RSG Consulting evaluates legal innovation solutions developed by law firms and corporate legal departments. Designed to improve legal service delivery many of the winning solutions are built with HighQ.

Legal Hub ebook

The legal hub: Create the ideal state for your corporate legal team

The legal hub concept offers corporate legal teams a new approach to legal service delivery within the business. The legal hub acts as a central location to improve business engagement and enablement; legal management, collaboration and productivity; contract, asset and risk management as well as external counsel management.

The Cloud: A Buyer's Guide

The cloud: A buyer’s guide

In recent years, enterprise social collaboration software and cloud computing have transitioned from a novelty to a serious business priority. Explore the benefits of cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) and discover how to select the perfect cloud collaboration vendor.

SmartLaw 2.0: Expert insights for the new future of law

We still believe the original SmartLaw key concepts of clients, culture and technology are essential to successful firms, but we now must also include data and process as key differentiators moving forward. In the ebook the experts pose questions and frame scenarios that will help you consider how to best embrace change and prepare for the future of law.

How to empower teams to deliver successful projects

How to empower teams to deliver successful projects

Take the pain out of project management and promote teamwork with an enterprise collaboration platform. It’s difficult to keep track of what stage projects are at when you’re managing many at once and updating multiple stakeholders can be even more challenging. Communicating with everyone in the project team at once quickly becomes as time consuming […]

Selecting the perfect enterprise cloud collaboration vendor

Business is global. Companies deal with clients all over the world and have offices in multiple locations. The challenge is now maintaining connections between different offices and clients when they are physically remote. This ebook covers how to approach choosing your vendor, what to look out for and the key benefits you should expect when […]

Modernizing the legal pitch process

The fight to win new clients is heating up. The drastic increase in the number of law firms, disruptive new business and pricing models, and changing expectations of clients is putting the pressure on like never before. 10 legal marketing and business development experts offered to share their thoughts when we asked: “What pressures are […]

SmartLaw: The future according to industry experts

Business structures, billing models and even client expectations are very different than they were just a few short years ago. To get ready for what’s ahead, we posed the following question to 15 experts from across the legal industry: “What do you believe lawyers and law firms need to do to prepare for the future […]

Solutions spotlight: iSheets

Solution spotlight: Business solutions you can build using iSheets

Using the features and functions that already exist in the HighQ platform, and the iSheets module specifically, we can create solutions for countless business processes from employee attendance records to insurance claims management. In this ebook, you’ll discover the power and versatility of HighQ. The eBook is split into two groups of solutions: those that are […]

Modern real estate portfolio management

Discover a major use case of HighQ: Using the iSheets module for real estate portfolio management. With iSheets, you can create online spreadsheets, databases and forms with customizable columns, fields and data types, and dynamically filter your data. iSheets are highly flexible and make the process of data capture, access and maintenance as easy as possible. […]