Virtual data rooms for critical information exchange.

Quickly and securely exchange critical transactional information with deal teams, clients and partners outside of your organisation. Our data room solution provides high-grade security and control and is used by some of the world’s largest law firms, banks and corporations on thousands of critical processes and transactions.

Quick, easy and secure

Set up a room in minutes to securely exchange files and other sensitive information with deal parties anywhere in the world. Our secure file sharing platform allows time-sensitive information to be uploaded and shared in seconds while maintaining full access control, security and auditability.
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Easy to use example on iPad and iPhone

Advanced Q&A

Our advanced Q&A module, developed specifically for the M&A process, allows you to securely manage bidder questions and responses with advanced permissions, workflow and alerts to ensure that your transaction is completed as quickly as possible with no unnecessary delays.
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Detailed reports and auditing

Audit every file and action using criteria such as date, user, organisation, folder, file or action. It’s easy to review the full version history of a file or see who has accessed it, sent a link or read a particular version. You can even see which users or organisations are most active and when they have logged in.
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