Projects. Managed.

With key people and important information spread across multiple systems and timezones, project management can be a challenge. Giving your teams the right tools to get their work done quickly and efficiently is the key to keeping projects on time and within budget.

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Bring your projects together

Give email and network drives a rest. Consolidate your project assets into one place and make it accessible to everyone: in the cloud. Then you’ll always know where to go to find the latest information and stop wasting time looking through your inbox for an email you received last week.
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Connect your teams

Every project team member has a profile with contact details, a picture, activity stream, bio, specialities and experience so other people can find them when needed. Easily search for, connect with and follow team members so you can put a face to a name and find the right people when you need them.
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Files, wikis, blogs, tasks, events and much more

Our platform uniquely combines advanced document management with leading-edge social collaboration tools so you can securely share files, create and share content in wikis, post updates and have discussions in the blog, manage group tasks and events and much more – all in one unified space.
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Group task management

Keep your teams organised and in the loop with group tasks that can be assigned to individuals or groups and put into lists with due dates, status, priority, links, comments and reminders. Project managers can apply powerful filters and group all tasks to get an overview of project activity.
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A unified tasks dashboard

We know what it’s like to work on multiple projects simultaneously, so we’ve developed a unified view of tasks assigned to you from all projects, as well as your own personal tasks, so you can see and act on all of your tasks in one place with advanced grouping, sorting and filtering.
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Reduce email overload

Ever feel like you’re not actually in control of your own inbox? Move your conversations into an enterprise collaboration platform designed to give you control over what you’re alerted to and when. Socialise information in one central space so that it can easily be shared and discovered again.
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