Capture and share knowledge.

Freeing information from knowledge silos such as email, network drives and laptops and sharing it with others is a vital activity in professional services, scientific or technical organisations where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critically important factors in the success of core business activities.

Socialise and discover

Share your work product such as documents, microblogs, wiki pages and blog posts in project sites and communities of practice to socialise your knowledge, facilitate discussions and properly capture information to make sure it’s discoverable again in the future.
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Focus on people, not data

Knowledge is created and shared by people, not documents. Connecting the right people with the right information is vital for any knowledge intensive organisation. Our collaboration platform connects all content to a person and let’s you see their recent activity, expertise and contact information.
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Easily create and share

Allow users to create and automatically share work product in the same system by making it a key part of their productivity and collaboration toolkit for use with colleagues and clients so users don’t need to worry about knowledge capture in traditional “know-how” systems.
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Laptop with social collaboration software on screen

Find expertise quickly

Every user has a bio which can updated with their specialities and experience so other people can find them when needed. Easily search for, connect with and follow experts in your groups or projects so you can find the right people, with the right expertise when you need them.
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