An enterprise social network.

The phenomenal rise of social tools in our personal lives has demonstrated that people expect to be able to access information instantaneously, interact with anyone in real-time and stay connected wherever they are and from whatever device they are using. We are bringing these concepts and experiences to the enterprise to help us get our work done.

Break down boundaries

HighQ’s enterprise social network allows you to discover, connect with and follow people in the organisation with similar interests to you. It flattens hierarchies and breaks down organisational silos so you can just as easily interact with the CEO as a colleague on the other side of the world.
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Follow thought leaders

Discover the experts within your organisation by engaging in an enterprise social network where you have the opportunity to follow and learn from thought leaders in particular areas. This allows for fast and effective transfer of tacit knowledge and information across organisational boundaries.
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Share links and updates

Socialise links to content and post updates as microblog posts to instantly share information with colleagues, project teams and communities of interest. Create a channel for sharing news in real-time and gather comments and feedback in one place without clogging up everyone’s inboxes.
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Less email. More productivity.

Email was never designed to do all of the things we use it for today. As a consequence our inboxes are inefficient and make us less productive. Microblogging can help reduce email traffic by moving group conversations and discussions into an activity stream where information is not trapped in mailboxes.
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Gain a peripheral vision

With a vibrant enterprise social network across the organisation, anyone can gain a good understanding of what people are working on and what issues they are facing. It’s just as easy to discover what someone on the other side of the world is doing as it is the person sitting next to you.
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Enterprise-grade features

Share updates with the entire organisation or set up team spaces in seconds to control who can see and post to conversations. Our background in secure enterprise systems and flexible permissions mean you’re always in control and custom branding makes the system feel like it’s yours.
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Enterprise grade features