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Finally, efficient due diligence.

HighQ Diligence is a truly unique due diligence review, project management and report creation platform that saves legal, professional service and corporate finance firms the substantial unbillable hours lost in document creation, formatting and standardisation.


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Reduce cost over runs and write-offs by up to 80%

HighQ Diligence is a secure cloud-based platform that is revolutionising the due diligence process. Built on HighQ’s trusted enterprise technology platform with its intuitive user interface and high-grade security, HighQ Diligence automatically generates full due diligence reports in seconds, based on your firm’s “house style” templates. Save the substantial unbillable hours lost in document creation, formatting and standardisation and minimise the resulting write-offs. Monitor the progress of your transaction against budget to avoid cost over runs and expensive write-offs. The platform guarantees consistent data entry and facilitates best practice and consistency across your offices and multiple jurisdictions, avoiding costly human errors.
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Lower costs

Be transparent and compliant with clients and regulators

Promote transparency and manage your firm’s accountability throughout the diligence process. HighQ Diligence is underpinned by granular reporting and auditing functionality; every mouse-click is recorded and you can generate reports based on detailed actions and dates. If required, clients and regulators can be provided with crystal clear accountability and transparency on which documents were reviewed, by whom and when. HighQ Diligence maintains a full record of activity even in relation to exceptions only reporting.
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Designed by experienced diligence practitioners

HighQ Diligence has been designed by expert due diligence practitioners who have been frustrated with the industry-wide inefficiencies in the due diligence process and the lack of credible solutions in the market. This combined with HighQ’s years of transactional technology expertise has produced a platform that alleviates the pain in reviewing and reporting on diligence and empowers firms to provide a timely, consistent and cost-effective service to demanding clients.
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Data rooms built in

HighQ Diligence includes HighQ’s trusted and widely used data room technology that ensures all documents, review checklists, progress tools and due diligence reports are available in the same platform. HighQ Dataroom provides an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily add documents, create folders, manage the file structure, add user groups and set permissions in minutes.
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